This is F3, and we approve this convergence

  • Workout Date - 02/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob, Iceman, Sushi
  • The PAX - Soccer Mom, TBC , Semi sweet, Stewie, Wifi, GCOD, Caviar, Mary, Snowden, Latka, Depends, Whisper, White walker, Homeward Bound, Blue Hen, Sushi, Tricycle, Epee, Bambi, Iceman, Crunchy, Earthmover, Reese's pieces, Look out below, Scuba Steve, Padre, Almond Joy, Pledge, San Diago, Wall-e, Erector, Bib, Lite-brite, Overdraft, 1D (tiny green shorts), WeeMan, THE Hard Hat, Flay, Holla, Spongebob
  • AO -

South Carolina was the next locale in this reality show we like to call “The election for the President of the United States of America”.  The GOP was gracious enough to show one of F3’s finest AOs by selecting the Peace Center (Main Thang) for the last debate before the SC primary.  YHC was a little peeved he didn’t get an invite to the event, so he decided it’d be perfect to crash the party with an American-themed convergence to wake the town up and get those snipers, K9s, etc. warmed up for the big event.

40 men thought it would be a good idea to show up to the show and were rewarded with some Tunes, YHC in his Jorts, 1D in his loincloth, and what can only be described as a miraculous sun rise.  I think I speak on behalf of the PAX when I say that:
1)  We’ve waited way too long to do a Saturday AM workout downtown
2)  We need to do more Saturday AM workouts downtown

Opening Disclosure:
Have fun today, but do realize that there are guys with big guns and K9’s that make more money than most of us waiting for someone to do something stupid.

Warm up:
SSH X 25
Mtn climbers X 20
Superman Merkins X 15
IW X 15

Count off in 3’s.  Group 1 comes with YHC, Group 2 goes with Sushi, Group 3 goes with Iceman.

3 Locales for working out in order to help show off the beauty that is Downtown Greenville:
1 – Peace Center Amphitheater
2 – Bowater Parking Garage
3 – Liberty Bridge

YHC’s group did Deck of death at each locale with the fun addition that you re-shuffled each time.  Locale 1 was mostly Burpees, Locale 2 was mostly Big Boy Situps, Locale 3 was a mixed bag.  Locale 3 is also where GCOD decided to show up after making summit at Paris mtn.

After doing the rotation through all locales, we grabbed shovel flags and went to the Peace Center in the heart of the madness and finished off with some Mary.  Fortunate for us all, CBS was filming some live shots and the region was treated to some good ole, sexy, musky, manliness performing:
Heels to Heaven X 20
American Hammers (Russian Twists) X 15 – SLOW cadence
Backwards crunches X 15 – Great for TV appearances
X’s and O’s X 15

Naked Moleskin
– Convergences are those workouts that you have no problem waking up for.  It’s great to see so many faces new and old, you’ve got that extra adrenaline pumping, and the mumblechatter is at it’s best.  Can’t wait for the next one.
– Prayers for Tricycle and Wife who are expecting a little girl soon.
– Prayers Scuba Steve who is going out to the Aegean Sea to help with the search/rescue of refugees.  Godspeed brother.
– Prayers for our country…let us have a future President that puts our country back on track

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