THIS IS A TEST…..This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. At the end of this tone, you will read a back blast from Golden Strip. BEEEEEEEEEEEP

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  • Workout Date - 09/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Gymboree, Slomo, The Tickler, 1D, Strage Brew, Hotwire, Lite Brite, Grimace, Baby Seal, Brownie, Elmer, Sushi(YHC)
  • AO -

We get a hard time at the retirement community for not consistently writing back blasts after our workouts so I want to know if you are reading this!  Either post a comment or give a T-Clap at the end to show you have made it past the second sentence.  Some joke that we carve our back blasts in stone because we are not up with the latest technology.  YHC is here to show different as he informs you of the 12 PAX that decided to enjoy an awesome morning….there was no gloom!


Climb the Ladder X 20 – Run a Lap

IW X 20 – Run a Lap

Front Rising Kicks Right Leg X 24, Left Leg X 24

Closing Kicks Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12

The Thang:

Mosey down to the Middle school to test out a new hill and see what the basketball courts had in store for the PAX.

Hill repeats X 4.  At the top of the hill 10X Jillian’s.  At the bottom of the hill 20 X Cross Arm Merkins, 20X Merk-Offs ( newly named – A Merkin but after pushing up, touch opposite hand to foot), 20X Meerkat Pushups, then mosey to basketball court.  At this point Tickler mentioned that he had a vision of going to the tennis courts.  They are actually tennis courts with basketball goals running across so YHC decided the PAX would do suicides using the tennis court lines as markers.  3X regular, 1X reverse, 1 Lap around the court recovery, and 1 more, that if done well, would be the last.  Brownie found a new gear and smoked the PAX on the last one.  Great effort so we ran back to the Elementary school for some wall sits X2 and man-ups X10 with a 2 second hold.

Over to the circle for some Mary: Flutters X 20, Hello Dolly X 20, Oblique V-Ups X 14 and American Hammers 1 Min.

Announcements and Prayer Requests:

 The next few workouts at GS will be VQ’s for some of the newer PAX so come out and show your support as they step up and lead.  Elmer, Brownie, Grimace, and Slomo are next up, with a Gymboree Q mixed in there.


It has been a while since YHC has Q’d at Golden Strip and it was great to get out there this morning and post with the PAX.  The weather could not have been more perfect!   This is probably the best time of year to get some FNGs into the mix.  It is not too hot and the workout will offset the bad diets that come along with football season Let build up some numbers!


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