This is 40!

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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  • The PAX -
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Today we were blessed with a guest, Zip-A-Dee, for an “All Over 40” Beatdown.  Where are the young guys?  Fartsacking?



  • SSH x 30
  • IW x 30
  • Slow Bicycles x 15

Mosey around the Peace Center to the backside and the Amphitheater

Elevens up the 5 Tiers of the Amphitheater

  • Burpees at the bottom
  • Squats at the Top

Line up facing the stage.

  • Sprint to the Stage.
  • On the stage, dragon walk to the back.
  • Sprint back to starting point.
  • Rinse and repeato twice more.

To the big steps for Joe Hendricks #2 (To review, backward bear crawl up to the top).  Smoke!

Down the steps and to the wall for……some Zen-Like rest…..Ahhh, listen to the Water…..NOT!

To a grassy spot on the Tiers for Joe Hendricks #1 x 8 (Partner Bunny hops/Backward crawls with planking partner).  Again, watch those Justifiers!

Back to the wall for…….Dips Pyramid x 10,9,8,etc.

Mosey along the Reedy River to the back steps.  Double toe tap each step.

Mosey up Main St. back to the start point

5 MOM (Zip-a-Dee Q)

  • Dollys x 20.  Hold 6″
  • Flutters x 20.  Hold 6″
  • Rosalitas x 20
  • Back Scratchers x 10
  • Dead Cockroaches x 10
  • Ins and Outs x 10
  • Swipers x 8 (added by 1D)



It was great to have this impromptu workout (encouraged by Zip, who was visiting on business)

Both Joe Hendricks are once again, #Crowdpleasers

HDHH this Wednesday at Ale House on Woodruff Rd., starting at 17:15

Inaugural Q by Barbara tomorrow at The Main Thang (BiLo Center at 05:30)


Ball of Man





1 thought on “This is 40!”

  1. AYE – so Z had to travel to the Swamp on biz travel and was looking to stir something up with the local PAX down here at SRT and submit some Downpainment. However, being that I’m traveling and what not, Z was prepared for a leisurely session in the form of a nice Jane Fonda workout with our yoga mats or maybe a light jog to simply get the blood flowing.

    Boy was I mistaken, here comes 1D right out of the gate and “SCHMACK” we start off with 11s up 5 tiers of an amphitheater that included burpees to boot “crowd pleaser”. That, and with the promise that he’d soon introduce me to Joe Hendricks (which I was like Joe who?). After meeting JH #2, Z was ready to hit the turf, curl up and suck on his thumb for a bit #zipissmoked and #canIgeta10count.

    Gents (ALL), this was an absolute smokefest. To those of you who’ve yet have the pleasure or the opportunity to make the trek down to Swamp Rabbit Trail, I encourage you to do so if in the area or even make the 90 minute voyage on a Saturday. The PAX down here is STRONG and growing under some great local leadership. I know I will #i’llbeBACK!!!!!

    Thanks for having me out boyz

    -Z- is out

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