Thirsty Thursday

  • Workout Date - 04/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Semper
  • The PAX - Flay, Dexter, Cataract(Wardaddy), Clapper, Tin Man, My Pleasure, Snip It, Look Good Nekked, Short Circuit(renamed Beamer Ball)
  • AO -

YHC, believed it or not, came up with most of this mornings Q on the fly. 10 men planted the shovel flag(thanks Flay) for warm morning beat down. Not sure what thirsty Thursday has to do with this workout but couldn’t think of anything else. Maybe Thirsty for sweat? YHC is thirsty for his first Q after a month long sabbatical? I don’t know…


SSH IC x20

Plank Jacks IC x20

Merkins IC x10

Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot and wait for some late comers.

SuckAsses or something of another( sitting leg extensions butterflys)IC x20? 25?  Once everyone arrives, partner up for Catch me if you Can with 5 pushups. All the way to the Hollar.  10 Merkins OYO.

Head over to “The Steep Hill” for 11s. Squat Jumps at the bottom and SuckAsses at the top. #heavybreathing

shuffle to the lower brick wall for Derkins IC x20, High Knees to other side and larger brick wall. Balls to the walls for Derkin, shoulder touch pushups. #terrible. High Knees back to the other side for 20 Wall Jumps.  Circle up on YHC for Burpees x10.

Mosey back up to the bottom of YHC’s Hill. Partner up size matters for a wheelbarrow all the way up the hill to the shelter and Dips x20 at the top. Switch at the halfway mark. Run down the hill for 20 Lunges then running back up the hill for Partner Wheelbarrow pushups x10, and Derkins x20. Sprint down the hill for more lunges. Hill pause for some Jack Webbs up to 5 and back down. Sprint back up the hill and Burpees x5 OYO.

Mosey to the basketball courts, on the chainlink for wall jumps. Followed by 1 court suicide. more Wall Jumps. 1 more Suicide. Circle up for


Flutters x20

Russian Twists x20 IC

Backscratchers x20 IC


move to elbow plank…..

elbow plankjacks



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