Third time's a charm, and my shoulders caught on fire.

  • Workout Date - 03/19/2016
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - ChurchLady, PineTar, SoccerMom, FloppyDisk, OfficerPoncharello, Whisper (REEEEESPECT), LiteBright
  • AO -

With YHC and Whisper both having Greta slip away from us during the weekday w/o’s, we conceded after our last attempt to get it done on a weekday, and hatched a plan to give it a go on a Saturday.  A few of the PAX showed up knowing what was coming, they are not right in the head.  A couple may have been surprised.   With, 2 attempts and 1 successful run in the last 6 months, I think Whisper and I can put Greta back in the w/o filing cabinet for a while.   If anyone does want to bring the Icelandic torture queen back out, just please let me know (not that I would fartsack or anything like that, but…..I will totally fartsack).

All this talking……


SSH x 25IC

Merkins x 15IC

IWs x 20IC

The thang…….


DORA with 4x8x16, 24lb blocks (skinny CMUs)

Exercise 1: 104 block swings

Exercise 2: 208 Squat presses

Exercise 3: 312 Blurpees

While PAX 1 moves the block around in painful ways at the top of the track, PAX 2 runs, with block, roughly 50 yards, jumping over 3 x aluminum benches spaced equally apart.  Drop off skinny CMU off, at end of run, run back…..flip flop……PAX 1 is now running and jumping over benches, 50 yards, to retrieve the skinny CMU, and return it to top of the track.  Obviously 1 block is at the top of the track at all times with whatever partner is swinging/pressing/blurpee…uh…ing.

MOM = Stargazers IC, we earned it…..and out of time.

That’s it…..easy BB to write, awful/fantastic to do.  For me it is one of those workouts that you finish and you say to yourself, “holy mother of all things sucky, I just did that!”….with a sense of pride, and a sense that your snot has just been woggled straight out of your skull.


Announcements:  Good Friday Q @ PF w/ ATM and ACA

Prayers: LB’s grandfather, P200PAX, Whisper’s Dad, Walker Philips

NMM:   All the PF weirdos kept really good grouping on this one.   Apparently, we have gotten a lot better at blurpees.  Thank you Whisper, for toting those skinny CMUs around, and thanks PF weirdos for the work.   Honor to have led.




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