Things to do before Vacation…Post at the Tank Yard…Check

  • Workout Date - 06/18/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Rusty, Rocky Top, Scuba Steve, Sanchez, Gecko, Can You Hear Me Now, White Walker, Madoff, Sushi (YHC)
  • AO -

9 PAX started the morning off right by making some shady characters relocate at 5:30am at the Tank Yard.  As YHC arrived early to scope out the AO, he noticed one car at the far end of the parking lot backing into a space.  Thinking it was one of the PAX, he pulled up right next to him and got out of his car just to see the other car pull out of his spot and leave.  Hmmmm…the workouts are not that hard.  While getting the lay of the land and trying to find the tank in the dark, a couple of other cars pulled in midway up the parking lot.  YHC decided to relocate his truck only to see the same car from before pull out of another spot and leave.  I guess the PAX arriving stopped whatever was going down.  Something about 3 shovel flags and guys working out made them want to take their business elsewhere.

The Warm-up: Oliver’s Army by Elvis Costello got the PAX warmed up with 25 SSH, lap around the ball field, and 25X IW

The Thang: Standard Issue for a Sushi Q….let’s get in some punches and kicks with Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglass) and Alive and Kicking (Simple Minds)

100 Horse Riding Stance Punches. 12 Front Rising Kicks Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12.  12 Closing Kicks Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12.  Ralph Machio’s Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12

Mosey to the side of the path for some cone drills.  Seven Nation Army (the White Stripes) and Army Ants (Stone Temple Pilots) played while the PAX started with 10X MC, bear crawl to second cone, 20 X Plank Jacks, Duck Walk to third cone, 30X Squats, run back to start and plank.  Repeat 3X then mosey to the bottom of the hollow for some hill work.

Swiss Army Romance (Dashboard Confessional), Five Man Army (Massive Attack), One Man Army (Our Lady Peace) played as the PAX ran to the top of the hill and did 10X Air Press Squats.  Some mumble chatter about using blocks (because this might be too easy) aided YHC is his decision to do AMRAP but add 10 more each time at the top of the hill.  After 4th hill and 40 air press squats, switch to Smurf Jacks at the top and go to 3 hills and 30.

Time to add some mileage to the workout with a Native American Run around the perimeter of the park while listening to Army Reserve (Pearl Jam).  Regroup at the bottom for a Stripes run to the circle with Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Manford Mann).  Mary 12X Shamrocks, 10 Oblique V-Ups

Prayer Requests and Announcements: Prayers for the new fathers of the Tank Yard so they can adjust and get back to the workouts soon.  Bazooka Ball in August – check out the pre-blast, Convergence at the Pitch Fork this Saturday for the launch of the newest AO in the upstate.

Thanks to the PAX of the Tank Yard for putting in the extra mileage this morning.  This is definitely the most patriotic A.O. YHC has seen on the Tour DeUpstate because 3 shovel flags were planted near a tank…Gotta Love that!  Also if you want to get a nice green Swamp Rabbit F3 shirt, all you have to do is Guest Q at the Tank Yard.  Free shirts to all guest Q’s ….While supplies last…Thanks to Sanchez!  OK…maybe that was a one time opportunity, but you never know…there is really only one way to find out!



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