There's still time to change the road you're on

  • Workout Date - 01/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - Aunt Jemima
  • The PAX - Meter Maid, UGA, Amp, Nyquil, Skimmer, Flamer, Youkilis, Hook and Ladder, Seal, Crunchy, Roscoe P Coltrane, T Hicks, Brown Shorts, Wahoo, Mario, Dunkin-FNG Jarod Allen, Barry White-FNG Jason Elvington, Armadillo-FNG AJ Johnson, Two-Stroke-FNG John Anderson, Free Smells-FNG Nick Francis, Wham-O-FNG Brandon Bowlin, and we will count Overdraft
  • AO -

As YHC rounded the corner for his VQ I was expecting the usual suspects. Instead I was met with a parking lot full of cars. Great job to My Little Pony for EHing all his cohorts there…we just needed My Little Pony (What is up with that?!). As the realization that I would actually have to lead these men sunk in we moseyed on down for the warmup.

WARMUPS: SSH x 25 (IC), Windmill x 26? (IC) (YHC forgot to listen to the count, good thing I’m a banker…REEEAAAAL professional), Hillibillies x 25 IC (Amp made sure I heard 23 and 24 on this one…thanks bud)

2 groups for 4 corners

Sprint 100 yards, Merkins x 10 IC, Mosey to second, Imperial Squat Walkers x 10 IC, Sprint 100 yards, Werkins x 10 IC, Mosey to fourth, Peter Parkers x 10 IC


As Led Zepplin’s fourth album (DO NOT CALL IT 4 OR IV!!!) playing in the background used to put me to bed at night, I have always had a fondness for stairs. It is only fair that the PAX share my fondness.

Stairway? to Sevens: Form 2 rows. Start with 1 Burpee at bottom, 1 inclined merkin on first step, run halfway up stairs, 1 supine pullup, run all the way up 1 squat. Continue for Seven rounds increasing reps of each per round. First #AUDIBLE, remove pullup as PAX were piling up. Second #AUDIBLE, screw the stairs and storm the hill (i.e. NO WAITING…like I said, I was planning for 10-12). Overdraft-thanks for joining us in the gloom halfway through. Who knew alarms have PM settings…that’s right…3rd shifters.

Lightpole Burpee Pyramid: Using the 12 light poles around the top of the toilet, start with first pole, 1 burpee, mosey to second, 2 burpees, etc. to the sixth. On the seventh pole do 6 burpees, mosey to eighth, do 5 burpees, etc. #SMOKED

6MOM: Crunchy Frog x 10 (IC), Dolly x 10 (IC) (#MUMBLECHATTER about how some PAX measure 6 inches), Freddie Mercury x 10 (IC), The PAX REFUSED to quit

Rosalitas x 10 (IC), Boxcutters x 10 (IC), Reverse Boxcutters x 10 (IC), Heels to Heaven x 10 (IC)

Naked Moleskin: TClaps to Crunchy for wearing his weightvest again, thanks to the PAX for being gentle on my VQ and going with the flow, gotta give props to my M for helping me come up with the workout as she gets paid to give #downPAINments although she did want me to take it down a notch, great to have Meter Maid back, per FitBit we burned 977 calories, went 1.98 miles and went up 18 flights of stairs.

Announcements: Adding new AO-The Farm on Monday at 0530 with the men of Haven of Rest Ministries, check out @f3anderson for maps; The Drifter 6k signups; and the Shamrock Shuffle 5k on the Hartwell Dam which Crunchy’s crew is putting on-come out for a Dam run!!!

Aunt Jemima Life Lesson #1: “You should not only avoid evil, but also avoid the appearance of evil.” My Grandfather used to love to use this quote when I was growing up when I did something stupid…which unfortunately was often. I did not really understand it until after my teen years when I was still looked on by the company I kept as to who I was.  I believe in F3 we can tweak this lesson to say where we see evil in our world maybe we can help those brothers out by not avoiding but pulling them out of “the appearance of evil”. Thereby we can be catalysts of change to the #COIN of living the #RightWay. That is why I believe our new AO will be so great for us and the men of Haven of Rest. We can help each other with what evils we have and have had in our lives to grow together #ISI.

Prayer Request: Overdraft’s M medical scare yesterday and continued recovery, taking care of the elderly in our areas and neighborhoods with the cold spell…although Hook said to keep your cats OUTSIDE.

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