There's a hill at Tower of Terror !?

  • Workout Date - 03/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - Look Out Below
  • The PAX - Third Base, Thumper, Whisper, Sammy, Ponch, Easy Bake, Squid, Look Out Below
  • AO -

8 PAX found out this morning that not all of the TOT AO is flat.  Yes, I found a hill.  What it lacks in length, it makes up for in slope.

Warm Up:

SSH – IC x 20

IW – IC x 20

The Thang:

Line up for an Indian Run.  We bypass the normal turning spot and keep running to uncharted waters.  We eventually made it to a steep hill in the Poinsettia neighborhood, where we lined up for the 1st round of 11’s:

10 hand-release merkins at the bottom of the hill – run up – 1 jump squat at the top – run back down.  Keep it up with 9 HRM at bottom and 2 jump squats at the top all the way to 1 HRM and 10 JS.

Everyone smoked?  Cool let’s mosey to the next spot.  We moseyed to the picnic shelter that Simpsonville United Methodist has for the 2nd round of 11’s.

10 derkins (decline merkins) on the picnic tables, 1 box jump on the picnic table bench seat.  Or if you’re Third Base, you jump on top of the table and let everyone marvel at your power and athleticism.  Rinse and repeat 9,2 – 8,3 etc down to 1 DM and 10 box jumps.

Let’s Mosey.  We continued down Hedge St. towards 417 and circled back toward the flags.  Time for Mary.

8ish minutes of Mary:

Flutter kicks – IC x 25

Big boy sit ups – OYO x 25

Alternating shoulder touches in plank – IC x 25

Rosalitas – IC x 25

Hello Dolly – IC x 25


Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Sept. 10 @ Ft. Bragg – Spartan Sprint with Third Base, he’s putting a team together
  • April 12 at 1st Pres downtown Greenville – Marriage Counseling
  • Keep Hulk Smash in your prayers.  Dealing with lingering pneumonia in one of his lungs

It was a pleasure men!


Look Out Below





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