The Workout I Didn't Plan

  • Workout Date - 07/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer
  • The PAX - Keystone, Quaker(Respect),Boomhauer, Duplo, Swift(Hate), T-Bag, Flo Rider, Gluten(Respect), Missing, Quickie, Shiner, Domer Simpson, Tiny Dancer(Hate), Stem Cell.
  • AO -

Well, the cat is out of the bag already.  YHC didn’t plan this workout (for the most part).  YHC just thought: Indian Run, Blah Blah Blah, Indian Run, Blah Blah Blah, Thank God Seal didn’t wear his reflective shorts, Blah Blah Blah, etc., etc., Indian Run.  However, though it wasn’t quite the smoker YHC hoped it would be, it was still a smoker.

Given that YHC didn’t plan it, and that YHC is having memory lapses due to the fact that it’s my second week of high school, I don’t remember much.  But, I figure I remember enough.


30x SSH, IC

15x Windmills, IC

The Thang:

It started with a pyramid.  My goal was to take the Path a Lot less Traveled (At Powderkeg, we have three paths, one of which goes through a wooded trail.  There is a large open area, and the PAX always joke that the path goes to your choice of a meth lab or a dead body), however, we couldn’t take to the PaLLT until it was light, lest they fall and die.  So, we Mosey’d up to the pavilion (picnic shelter, I know.)

The pyramid was:

10 pull-ups OYO

20 mexican squats OYO

A disorganized round of Boat-Canoe

20 Mex. squats OYO

10 pull-ups OYO

Then, we took a Mosey around the building and went into 6 MOM.  We took the path less traveled thereafter, and it was finally light enough to take to the PaLLT, but before we did we took to 20x Smurf Jacks.

Finally, we took to the PaLLT, stopping in the opening areas to become infected with poison ivy with 20 squats.  We returned from the PaLLT and circled up around the ShovelFlag for five minutes people’s choice Mary, which of course, I don’t remember.


Speedo completed his first 5K (Hip-hip hooray!)

Quickie and Shiner went to F3 Dads in Anderson which was a huge success.  30 some-odd Kids, 11 dads.

Praise report and TClaps for Brown Shorts’ wife and daughter who went to Canada to spread the word about a church being planted.

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