The Wet Raccoon Q

  • Workout Date - 09/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Tedediah, ATM, Hooch, Dr. Phil, Floppy Disc, Obama (together again!), Whisper, Sammy, Look Out Below, Affordable Care Act (YHC), Church Lady, Soccer Mom
  • AO -

Gentlemen, after a solid week, it’s safe to say….

Not that Gatorade would be better…. that’d actually be really sticky, but you get the idea.  The blob of mist has taken its toll on the psyche F3 men over the last few workouts.  However, perspective came at our Ball of Man today when @ATM prayed this would be the extent of our troubles this week.  Aye!  We are quite lucky to share even the gloomiest of glooms with our brothers as we see fit.

12 men calmly turned over in bed just before the alarm rang to trick their phone into thinking they will be too cozy listening to what sounds like a Japanese tranquility garden outside to get up and then JUDO CHOPPED that phone before it could activate one of those annoying standard ringtones and avoided the sack like…

Look guys!  We gained 12 yards!  Hey, I don’t know how many Gamecock highlights I will be able to show this year.  Let me have my fun.


SSH X 25 (IC)
SSH X 25 (ACA style IC) ….. Note:  YHC realized PAX may not appreciate my Tony Little gazelle SSHs and noticed other variations popping up.  It finally degenerated to @LookOutBelow‘s Cabbage Patch SSH.  PAX lost count and appetite.  Let’s mosey.

Thang 1 – Burp and Merk ( pyramid to 10 merkins)

Thang 2 – Karaoke 100 yards.  Sprint back. Note: We did our best to lose @ChurchLady. We even parked in a different lot. No luck as he showed up faithfully at 5:38.  Well isn’t that special?
Skip Jumps 100 yards.  Sprint back.
Karaoke facing other direction (or we’d be unbalanced). Sprint back.

Thang 3 – Mosey to the speedway, where we go all Johnny Cash and Walk the Line on the nearby curb. Next the PAX get on their six for a Flutter to Failure challenge. Flutter IC until your feet hit the ground. Plank up when you are eliminated and wait for @Obama and @Hooch to finish their test of endurance and sheer will. Age finally won out, but Obama of course vetoed it. While we were in the plank position, hold a Pete Chillcut (because he was awesome) for 30 seconds.

Thang 4Trail of Raccoon Tears.  This is a Dora of sorts with a “Freed to Lead” touch.  Partner 1 Completes 20 merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 20 clap squats.  Partner 2 takes it to the raccoon walk along the perimeter of the playground. Once Partner 1 is finished, partner 2 starts on the 19/19/19 set. Rinse and Repeat until we finish 11. Note: We ran short on time (primarily because @ATM complained about fire ants).  Eventually everyone came together to finish our set of 11s OYO.


Snow Angels X 15 IC (mumblechatter)
LBCs X25 IC just under @FloppyDisc’s alarm for 6:15.  Nailed it.


Gideons, Gideons, GIDEON’S HOUSE TOMORROW AM!  5:30.  610 Pendleton Street.  Come rain or thunderstorm.  We will be there.  YHC can only bring so much energy at 5:30 in the morning in the rain.

Also a great opportunity Friday at Oakview Elementary to go through a training session and be a mentor for a kid. It only takes 30 minutes a week!  Let’s show our community how F3 men lead by example.

Prayers for Church Lady’s friend, Leslie’s health.
Prayers for Whisper’s father.
Prayers for ACA’s adoption (Thanks, Sammy).
Prayers for anyone I forgot (raining, no cell phone) and all those unspoken.

ACA out.


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