The Water Tower of Terror…OF GREER

  • Workout Date - 01/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Lilo, Cockroach, Stitch, Perry Mason, Alfred, Grrr, Lizard Lick, iTunes, Biofreeze, Walle, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

12 PAX manned up for  a journey to the Water Tower in Downtown Greer….that’s right, The Water Tower of Terror. Thanks to Golden Strip for allowing the play on names here, couldn’t have done it without you.
Here is how the pain was administered.

Warm Up:
25 Peter Parkers IC
25 Heels to Heaven IC
25 Reverse Peter Parkers IC
25 Imperial Walkers IC

The Main Thang:
Start a Indian Run around the pond…however sloppy to Cannon Street, up to Poinsett St.
At Intersection, stop for some lower back stretches…left over right knee, right elbow on left knee, left hand back. Swtich-em up for otherside…
15 Merkins IC

Continue Mosey up Poinsett St until we hit Hwy 14 red light.
Drop for…
25 Plank Jack IC

Mosey across Hwy 14 to Pine Street intersection
Drop for…
20 Flutter Kicks IC
20 Rosalitas IC

Mosey across Poinsett down Pine St.. For those of you who didn’t hear, this is where Grrr grew up!

Into the alley to the Greer Water Tower of Terror:
Bear Crawl 30 yards
Lunge Walk 30 yards
10 Burpees
Gorilla walk 30 yards back
Crab Walk 30 yards back
10 Burpees
RINSE & REPEAT…and for those of you who struggle, the mathematicians were present and informed us that is: 40 burpees.
Plank O Rama while we wait for all PAX to complete
Do hip stretch by sitting on heels, elbows inside the knees.

Wind Sprints down alley, at 90 degree turn, drop for 20 Merkins OYO.
Finish wind sprint to Poinsett St…and MUCH TO THE PAX’s dismay, there was a train.
10 Burpees OYO

So, yes, that makes 50 burpees. Well done.

Continue Mosey down Poinsett back Cannon.

Partner up for Piggy backs and Human Wheel Barrows.
Piggy back down one light, switch for one light.
Flip for Wheel Barrow to one light, switch for one light.
Mosey back to The Station to finish up w/ Mary.

25 Shoulder Taps IC
20 Rosalitas IC
20 Dead Cockroach IC
15 Oblique Crunches each side

Drifter 6K on Feb. 7th- sign up

Legacy Convergence 1/31/2015

Keep eyes open for Mud Run details in Columbia

Real Men Read at Crestview Elementary- talk to Grrr

Perry Mason VQ next Thursday… Get on it!

Cockroach VQ next Tuesday… Get on it!

YHC- prayers for job details and the future

Commitment Cards filled out for what you are going to accomplish this year.


Well done this morning. You faced your fears and went after the terrible, terrible, water tower. always a pleasure and look forward to my next visit to The Station.

See you in the gloom.

Mab Mab

2 thoughts on “The Water Tower of Terror…OF GREER”

    1. It stuck alright, much to the PAX dismay this morning. Pretty sure I found Blue Hawaii, Lizard Lick, and Lilo hiding behind a sign as the train went by. Think it’s fair to say they owe us all 10 burpees to start of the next workout.

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