The WarmUp

  • Workout Date - 08/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - Semper
  • The PAX - Clapper, Montross, Squeal, Aflac, Semper(QIC)
  • AO -

YHC will be taking an “academic sabbatical” in the words of Sanchez, so my final Q for a while will be on 8/18. This was a warm up.


Mountain Climbers IC x16

Plank Jacks IC x16

SSH IC x 20

Mosey to the Holler, picking up two large stones per PAX. and a quick warm up of Alternating Shoulder Presses w/ rocks x10


A Circuit in the holler; PAX split up and start on opposite ends, 4 stations, run between stations:

1st -Balls to the Walls crawl across whole parking lot

2nd-Laying dow, Pec flys with the stones and feet at 6 inches x20

3rd- Wall Jumps x20

4th-Burpees x10

Circle up for In-and-Outs x20 or as Squeal refers the them as “sucks”

Rinse and Repeat, shoulder touches x20, pec flys x20, derkins x20, carolina dry docks x10,

circle up for flutters x 20 and in-and-out sucks x20

Reapet, shoulder touch presses x10, pec flys x20, wall jumps x 20, carolina dry docks x10

Single Person Dora…

20 Pec flys, sprint to light pole and back, repeato until 60 pec flys are completed.  Wall jumps x 10

Mosey up to bottom of YHC’s hill for Jack Webbs up to 5 and back down. 20 alternating standing lunges followed by a sprint up the hill. Dips x10. rinse and repeato 3 times. Mosey to swing set. Swerkins x10. Rinse and Repeat. ¬†Mosey to Ball courts. Wall jumps x 10 followed by a full court suicide. Mosey to Tennis courts for..


backscratchers x18

In-and-Out sucks x20

Hello Dollies x 20

Flutters x25 slow and fast count

In-and-out sucks x15


-Inspiration for Clapper’s friend the missionary in Ethiopia

-Prayers for Aflac’s family

-tons of stuff in the weekly email,get out there and do it.

Semper Out

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