The Walking Dead Premiere Party

  • Workout Date - 10/21/2016
  • Q In Charge - Abacus
  • The PAX - Al Borland, Fargo, Beanie Weenie, Partner, Mr. Belding, Francis, Whittle, 12th Man
  • AO -

As season 7 of the walking dead is getting ready to premiere on AMC, I was inspired to bring it to the Alley to keep it fresh on our minds all weekend as we walk like zombies in hopes of recovery.


  • Merkins x15 OYO (Continue this every 4-5 mins for a total of 10 sets)
  • Windmill, IC x15
  • Monkey Humpers, IC x15
  • Sumosquats, IC x15

Mosey 300 meters to concrete stands.

  • Box toe touches, OYO x50
  • Box Steps, OYO x20 each leg
  • Box toe touches, OYO x50

Mosey 100 meters back to flag


Lunge 400 meters (1/4 mile) with breaksĀ of 15 merkins every 4-5 mins.

Sumosquats, IC x15


  • LBC, IC x15
  • Freddie Mercury, IC x15
  • Flutter Kicks, IC x15
  • Sweat Angles, IC x10
  • Dolly, IC x15
  • Boat/Canoe

To cap the workout and we wanted to make sure our legs didn’t feel left out:

Bobby Hurley, OYO x15



  • Bill and Jo Trent Airshow – Anderson Regional Airport tomorrow 10/22 – Free Admission


  • Fargo’s daughter and trip to TN
  • Beanie’s Boss – Leg Recovery
  • The family of Sally, Whittle neighbor, morning their loss


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