The Vern Visits Legacy

  • Workout Date - 04/01/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - ScubaSteve, EarthMover, Zip it, Suishi, BabyNate, Pledge Look Out Below, , Drive Thru, Floppy, Little Blue Pill, Electric City,,Homeward bound,Punch out,Chernobyl,Double Windsor, Bambi, Iceman, Grim reaper
  • AO -

18 men posted at #Legacy, 3 of them were #doubledowners. They were all (sans one) introduced to a new exercise.

SSH x25
IW x20
Merkins x10, hold plank

Mosey to the middle of the park for:
Alternating South cackalacky RR and then North cackalacky subway

YHC’s instructions must not have been very clear on this (#foreshadowing) as @Chernobyl started the subway while other guys were still on the RR. We stopped, started over, but confusion still reigned. YCH audibled and we headed down to the bottom of 1D’s hill

@DriveThru, visiting from NoCo, gave me a heads up he would be in town. This lead YHC to introduce an exercise that is popular in NoCo but that I don’t believe we’ve done in the SwampRabbit region:
The Vern (modified version)

Bottom of the hill: 20 squats, lbc’s then run to the Fern (~200 yds): 10 derkins, flutters, run back down
Bot: 20 squats & 20 lunges, lbc’s, run to the top: 10 derkins, 20 PST’s, flutters
Bot: 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 air humpers, lbc’s, top: 10 derkins, 20
PST’s, 20 diamond merkins, flutters

Mosey to the back of the Fern:
Peoples chair x1 min

Burpee suicides
Split into 2 groups….
7 burpees, run to first line and back
6 burpees, second line
5 burpees, third line, etc down to 1 burpee
Again, apparent confusion on this as some were running full suicides

Mosey to the flag

Ring of fire:
Russian twists


Naked Moleskin:
– YHC remembers when we first started running “One D’s hill”. We were only running 50 yds or so. Today we did 200yd repeats up that hill. @DriveThru pointed out that the NoCo version of the Vern is exercise, then run 100 yds (out and back) but “there’s no massive hill”. Aye – plenty of hills in the upstate.
– Great effort by everyone, especially Chernobyl. Keep plugging away brother. Tclaps to @GrimReaper and @DirkDigler……..@ScubaSteve as they #doubleddown (#DawnPatrol and #Legacy). Tclaps to @Floppy as he #doubleddown (7mi #Jackalope dry run and #Legacy).
-Still waiting for #MichaelJackson to reveal himself as we saw 1 lonely glove on the ground as we ran up and down One D’s hill

– @BabyNate’s FIL
– @Pledge for his upcoming marriage
– @Ikea from NoCo who tragically lost his wife last week

– Mudrun 4/11 – still need 2 guys to fill spots. Contact @MabMab or @EarthMover
– #Jackalope – sign up. Also there is a shirt and patch on sale on the mudgear site
F3 Swamp Rabbit The Jackelope Pre-Order
– Expansion news – Atl (starts 4/18), Greenwood (starts 5/9), Asheville (starts 5/23)

See ya in the gloom…..


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