The Triumvirate

  • Workout Date - 06/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Slap Chop
  • The PAX - Amelia, Stuart Smalley, Earthmover, Zip It, Wilson, Wee Wee, Footloose, Plato, Slap Chop
  • AO -
Warm Up:
Side-straddle hops, imperial walkers and arm circles as a group
10 merkins, 20 perfect squats, 30 side-straddle hops on your own
Triumvirate Relay:
Split into groups of three and grab one block per group.
One station at the bottom of the stairs doing block swings, one station at the top doing squats. Third guy sprints up the stairs and tags his partner, who then runs back to bottom and the next guy sprints up the stairs. 5 complete rounds, then run around the church and drop into the people’s chair.
Triumvirate Circuit:
Triumvirate grabs some space and rotates through overhead presses, lunges and flutters. Three rotations through, then plank
British escalator:
Everyone starts running up and down the stairs while a few guys Joe Hendricks up the stairs. Everyone keeps running the stairs until each man has finished his Joe work.
Cone drills
Four parking cones in a square with 5 yards in between each cone.
Mixture of sprints, shuffles and backpedals through the cones in various formations.
Everyone goes through twice, then the group sprints across the parking and back, cranks out 20 merkins and gets back in line for another round. Three rounds total.
Line jumps front and sideways, 40 each way. Repeat.
Back to the circle for some Mary. Finish with backscratchers, dead cockroaches, plank shoulder touches and some LBCs.
  • Drivers and runners still needed for the Blue Ridge. Contact Erector or Footloose to get involved.
  • Footloose participated in the Mauldin Miracle League this past weekend and thinks it’s a great opportunity for F3 involvement in the future. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Golden Sombrero’s father passed away this weekend. Please pray for his family as they deal with this very difficult and sad situation. You can contact Footloose for information about arrangements and ways to support the family.
  • Pray for Amelia’s brother as he deals with some family difficulties.

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