The Trifecta

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Grit, EarthMover (WD), Dunphy, Stem Cell, Quickie, Spackler, Domer Simpson, San Diago, Weezer, Caviar, Houdini, Latka, Stewie, Screech, Iceman
  • AO -

15 men planted the virtual #Shovelflag at #MainThang for their Tuesday #downPAINment.

The Thang

Warmup – #HoudiniStyle
IW x10 (IC)
Derkins x10 oyo
IW x10 (IC)
Derkins x15 oyo
IW x20 (IC)
Derkins x20 oyo

Partner up then let’s mosey to the parking lot behind Postcard From Paris

P1 – backwards run up the hill and back
P2 – exercise
100 – American Hammers
200 – Freddy Mercuries
300 – Flutters

Mosey to the steps below Hall’s Chophouse (fka – High Cotton)

Dora part Deaux
P1 – speed skate up all the steps (mosey back down)
P2 – exercise
100 – Sumo Squats
150 – reverse lunges
200 – calf raises (100 straight, 50 inside, 50 outside)

Mosey across the Bridge Over the River Reedy to the rails

Dora part Trois
P1 – run to the Bowater Parking deck and back
P2 – exercise
50 – supine pullups
100 – merkins
150 – plank shoulder touches

Up the steps to Main Street
Butterbeans in the front row
Sugar Rays in the middle row
Small Sugar Rays in the back
All you got up the hill back to the flag

Variations of 6″ – 45*, feet apart, left leg high, right leg high


Observations from the gloom…..
– We typically dominate the downtown GVL gloom. We see runners, bikers and other bootcampers. But now we’re sharing the gloom with people playing #PokemonGo?? Glad they’re off the couch and enjoying the outdoors, just gotta remind them to keep their head up or they might fall off a bridge or walk into a river ; )
– Enough with the the smothering humidity. It’s not even August yet……
– @Houdini was wearing an invisible neck brace. Could tell he was limited
– @Screech takes months off from F3 and comes back faster #alltimebeastmode
– @Weezer on his second post and already in top form
– @Dunphy remains true to form #LIFO. Lucky for him we had a longer than normal warmup…..

– @DomerSimpson’s adoption
– @Quickie’s sister
– @Latka’s grandfather

– 7/23 – Convergence at Star Command for Padre (guys from Fort Mill / Rock Hill are co-hosting)
– 7/30 – Convergence at Gideon’s House – workout at 0600, breakfast at 0700, construction of pull up bars at 0800
– F3 Swamp Rabbit Golf Tourney tentatively scheduled for Thurs 10/13 @ Bonnie Brae Golf Course. @Latka and @ACA are the Q’s for this event. More details to follow…..

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