The Tower of Terror Lives Up to It's Name

  • Workout Date - 05/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Look Out Below
  • The PAX - Light Brite, ATM, Hulk Smash, Ocho, Third Base, Name Your Own Price Tool, Soccer Mom, Pet Stain, Urban, Whisper, Crab Legs, Sammy, Short Barrel, Port-O-Potty, Look Out Below
  • AO -

15 PAX showed up and showed out at TOT. This workout was not for the faint of heart. Also, 5 ruckers rucked w/ sandbags a few miles before the festivities started at 0530. Well done boys. It’s exciting to see more and more new faces out here. Keep up the good work on the EH fellas.

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 – IC
Plank Jacks x 20 – IC

Alright, let’s line up and Indian Run it down to the parking lot by the football field at Simpsonville City Park. When we got there, we realized we had an audience in the form of two of Simpsonville’s finest in blue. I can’t imagine what they were thinking seeing us weirdos roll up and proceed to catch a beat down.

1st up – suicides – touch every line in the parking lot and back to the start. REAL crowd pleaser here.

Partner up, size does matter (no matter what anyone else tells you). Buddy carries down the parking lot, switch places then come back. Catch your breath and now it’s time for the wheelbarrows the same way.

Everyone was loving this Q by this point. We took a break by lunge walking down and back the length of the parking lot. Time for burpees! Burpee broad jump over each line in the lot down to the end. Next was a karaoke style run 3 times down, back and down again.

Time for a change of scenery. We moseyed the few steps to the amphitheater and divided into 2 groups. Group 1 would box jump up the 5 steps and then come down doing 10 dips on each step. Repeato 3 times. Group 2 was in plank/derkin position with their feet up on the small platform that is a stage and told to make their way around the platform in plank position. I’ve never heard such enthusiasm when that was announced! Special T-claps here to Hulk Smash who very loudly encouraged everyone to keep pushing and reminding us that we are stronger than we know. Thanks brother!!

With all that done, time to line up and Indian Run back to the flag. This dissolved into a mosey about half way through.

4 Minutes of Mary – Flutters, Hello Dolly’s, Big Boy sit ups and plank shoulder touches.


Announcements – Convergence on Monday at The Burbs – 7 AM. There will also be some guys at TOT Monday morning at 0530.
– Do the Murph if you can wherever you’ll be this weekend. Don’t know what the Murph workout is or who it is named after it, GOOGLE it.

Prayers – school graduates and all the kids getting out of school soon
– Ocho’s friend’s child – extremely high platelet count
– Whisper’s mission trip

That’s all I’ve got. Thanks brothers, ALWAYS a pleasure working hard with you.

Look Out Below

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