The Tower…Built by Home Depot

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge - LRRH
  • The PAX - Doughnut, Tricycle, Whiff, Butterbean, Soup, Spongebob, Look-out Below, Big Bee, Macho man, Tater tot, 1D
  • AO -

YHC posting on behalf of Little Red Riding Hood

11 (actually 12 since 1D went for a mosey around Simpsonville and when he came upon the PAX working out in the parking lot, decided he wanted more miles in) PAX descended upon the Tower for a VQ from Little Red Riding Hood.  LRRH got 0 sleep…either because he was nervous about Q’ing, or he was at the Home Depot all night picking up supplies for his workout.  Regardless, the PAX was in for a bunch of household items that would be used to make themselves better.

Warm Up
SSH X 25
IW X 25

The Thang
Mosey to the Church parking lot by the Police Stationg
Partner up (Try to partner up with someone you are going to be able to motivate)

8 Pain stations setup – rotate as completed
***Bottlenecking going on in different areas so if you’re done and waiting, just go to an open station.
************If you don’t know what bottlenecking is, ask your local supply chain guy.  If he doesn’t know, hire another supply chain guy who knows what bottlenecking is.

Station 1:  Cinder blockers – 10 X Swings, 10 X Dips, 20 X Bicep Curls

Station 2:  10 X Merkins, 20 X Bib Boy Situps – 5 times through….that’s right….5 times through

Station 3:  You and partner pick up long wooden Fence post – Perform 50 X Squats with it across both of your backs, then perform 50 X Squats facing each other and the post on a shoulder #Coordination

Station 4:  3 sets of suicides
– First one is sprint to a parking spot line, run backwards back – repeat until you go out 5 lines
– Second one is sprint to a line, bearcrawl back – repeat until you go out 5 lines
– Third one is same as first one

Station 5:  Wooden blocks
– Setup blocks parallel to each other and you and your partner bunny-hop over the blocks 25 times (if you knock one over, you both do 5 merkins)
– Each partner then takes a block and side hops over it X 25
– Switch blocks (because one is taller than the other)

Station 6:  Coffee Can filled with sand – 50 X Lunges, 50 X OH Press, 50 X Tricep Extension

Station 7:  Jump rope – 100 X regular, 10 X Double jumps…5 times through….5 TIMES THROUGH

Station 8:  Water buckets – 2 orange Home Depot buckets filed with water.  Partner 1 carries both down and back then switch – 5 times through
Then each partner carries 1 bucket down and back – 5 times through

These stations took up the whole time and we even had to cut it short at the end.

Mosey back to the tower with all equipment…

– Prayers for LRRH’s daughter who was diagnosed with -7 vision.  Also for his parents.
– Prayers for Macho Man and his family after the loss of his father
– Prayers for the Parson family from Simpsonville who’s son (Chris Parson) was killed in the helicopter/airplane collision this weekend (friend of Look-out Below)
– Prayers for Tricycle and his wife as they are trying to have a child and the rough side effects that are coming from the hormone meds.
– Prayers for Nailpop’s son and healing of his seizures
– F3 party this saturday

***Spongebob note:  Congrats to LRRH for the VQ!  More importantly, thanks for stepping up so quickly ( has been to 4-5 workouts ONLY and wanted to LEAD).  IF you have not led a workout yet and you’ve been coming for 2+ months, you are READY.  You may not believe it, but you are.  Having us all step up is what makes F3 work beautifully and keeps things different.  Everyone should try it.  If you want to but are scared, grab someone who has led a workout and ask them about it.  We all are here to help.  


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