The Taxman Cometh

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  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
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Always nice to go home again. The last time YHC Q’d a normal Main Thang workout, was in the pre-Tank Yard days, which seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago. The forecast called for thunderstorms and torrential rain between 0500 and 0700. Of course, #Cantore was defied with a vengeance, and 14 bunnies crawled out of the #fartsack to see what Flay had in store.

Also, it’s Tax Day, so we had to do something with that. The PAX got sick of 15 reps pretty quick.

Warm Up

Warm up? What warm up? It’s about to start pouring (according to #Cantore) so let’s find some shelter

Hot Mosey to Hell Tower (Richardson St garage). Yes, we passed several parking decks on the way, and the PAX made sure YHC was aware.

Warm Up (for real this time)

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC


Not quite warm yet. Hit the stairs to the top as fast as possible/plank up till everybody’s up. Back down to hit the ramps.

The Thang

On the ramps #crowdpleaser

The PAX sprinted each ramp, formed up, performed an exercise, and hit the next ramp, etc until we were at the top.


Burpees x 15 OYO


LBCs x15 IC


Perfect Squat x 15 on Q’s count


Merkins x 15 OYO


Lunge x 15 (each side) OYO


And we’re at the top!

Down the stairs

That was fun, but we only hit the odd numbered floors since we started on the 1st floor…

Repeato starting on the 2nd floor. #Icestartsgrumbling

At this point we start getting a lot of #JadeveonClowney (sucking wind/hands on hips. Even as a Gamecock fan I can’t deny the analogy) at the bottom of each ramp. Mission accomplished. We finished this one with lunge walks up the last ramp instead of standard lunges.

Back down the stairs. BTW it still hasn’t started raining. #weatherappslie

At the bottom, Ice gets caught taking a smoke break in the nice little eurochairs out in the new piazza. Not on my watch, boys. On your feet.

Mosey back to the PC

Pit stop

Dips x 15

Derkins x 15

Hold the decline plank till everybody’s done

Back to the PC

Boxjumps x 15 AUDIBLE since everything’s too slick. Can’t have guys slipping and getting hurt… So, instead…

Modified Jack Webb w/ eurochairs (Incline Merkin on the chair and press with the chair)

Up to 5 Merkins/20 Presses and back down for the pyramid #chestsmoker

The PAX finally got wet at this point, but not due to rain, but the fact that the chairs were hollow-framed and acted like a bottomless water bucket during the presses. Oh well. Since we’re soaked already, let’s get down on the flagstones for some Mary


Flutters x 15 IC

Heels to Heaven x 15 IC

Hold 6 inches (15 count)

Dolly x 15 IC

Russian Twist x 15 IC

Plank/shoulder touch x 15 IC

Spicolis x 10 OYO


  • It’s gotten to the point where I’m certain that the weatherman is a liar. We maybe had a little drizzle at most, rendering the parking garage fairly redundant. Oh well, based on the huffing and puffing, the PAX were satisfied
  • Uneeded shelter aside, the goal of this workout was to keep that heart rate high throughout with the sprints/ramps/stairs. Not certain how the PAX saw it, but I definitely felt it was a lung buster. We don’t have a garage the likes of the Muthaship up in CLT, but this was a first attempt at a Diet Coke version of it. Will see what else YHC can come up with
  • Nice to see Belding up from F3 Columbia with us this AM. Good to meet you, brother, and come on back any time!
  • F3 Spartanburg launches on 4/26. Keep sending those FNG emails to
  • Still taking guys for GORUCK. The even is 6/14 and we’ll be adding mid-week workouts so guys can get their time in. Padre has the Q
  • Any and all interested in BRR, ping YHC
  • Lastly, we’ve gotten great news about Spicoli’s recovery, so some might ask why the 10 Spicolis again at the end of this session. YHC got horrible news last week about a close friend, Kathy Smith. Kathy’s a lung cancer survivor and completed the Ride to Austin back in 2010 on ONE LUNG. Apparently, the Big C is back, and it’s inoperable. The best the docs can do is to make it chronic. YHC requests prayers that they can find a way to fight this thing. Cancer Sucks.

That’s it for today, boys… See you in The Gloom


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