The Tankyard Speedway

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  • Workout Date - 07/30/2015
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Semper, Dexter, Cataract, Rusty, Clapper, Flay (QIC)
  • AO -

YHC rolls up to home sweet home at The Tank on #FartsackThursday, hoping beyond hope that, despite my very informed assumptions, we’ll have a double digit number this Thursday. 00 put the smack down and got a lot of non-Tankyardigans to show up on Tuesday, so wouldn’t it be nice for a big number to round out the week.

5:22AM: YHC arrives. Parking lot empty. Will this be a solo post, a la Rusty? No way… the Tankyardigans typically two-wheel in no later than 5:29:30AM

5:27AM: Semper shows up. Early by Tankyard standards

5:29AM: Dexter comes back from the dead and rolls up, followed quickly by Cataract

We have a problem. Forget the smallish number, we need an even number as the virtual weinke calls for partner work for the entire session… Right not we have 5… Guess we’ll have to figure it out, but let’s warm up before we mosey and see if there’s a LIFO


SSH x 20 IC

… at which point the Clappermobile screeches into the lot (in very efficient fashion, we must add, as it’s a Prius). Even number attained.

Mosey down to the Holler via the parking lot to pick up Clapper


The Speedway

Partner up. Start point at the low wall.

Partner 1 backpedals up the short entrance (you’re welcome, Cataract. next time it’ll be the long entrance), sprints to the long entrance and back down.

Partner 2 completes 10 walljumps/10 hand release merkins AMRAP until Partner 1 gets back and flapjack

Rinse, repeat for 5 minutes AMRAP

Circle up for flutters x 50 IC

Repeat all the above 2x (total of 3 rounds of the Speedway)

Mosey back up to the playground to the monkey bars. Keep your partners

Pullup/LBC Circuit

Partner 1 knocks out 5 pull ups

Partner 2 knocks out AMRAP LBCs until Partner 1 is done.

Flapjack, rinse, repeat for 5 total rounds.

Over to the tennis courts and circle up for mary


Freddie Krueger

Jack Webb variant with 4ct Freddie Mercs and bigboy situps in the 1/4 ratio

Up to 5 Freddie Mercs/20 Bigboys


Piel de Topo

  • Great to see Dexter back. Would like to see it more often, but brother’s busy like saving lives, playing baseball, and whatnot
  • The Speedway is a grinder. Doesn’t seem so bad on paper or at the beginning, but it quickly ramps up. Rusty really appreciated YHC’s the creativity and non-repetitive nature of the circuit.
  • Freddie Krueger has quickly become one of my favorites. There’s a reason that bigboy situps fell out of fashion: they really, really suck
  • Prayers for Semper as he gets ready to start at Clemson. Brother won’t be able to post in the fall because of his commute, so ALL TANKYARDIGANS MAKE SURE POST FOR SEMPER’S FARE THEE WELL Q ON 8/18.
  • Prayers for Squeal and family as the adoption hearing got postponed again.
  • Various prayers for lots of people and kids currently fighting cancer. #cancersucks

That’s it, fellas. Thanks for coming out and see you once I’m back from the beach. Giggity.

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