The Student has become the Teacher

  • Workout Date - 03/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Nails (WD), SpongeBob (WB), Satisfry, Grit, Stewie, Zoila (YHC)
  • AO -

The shovel flag was planted and finally, after 31 years YHC was able to get revenge for the spankings, lectures, forced activities, and curfews.  My Beta version, Nails is in Greenville for professional reasons for the next few months, and YHC was Q at #EarlyEdition this morning.

The Conditions: Welcome.  54 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly cloudy, low humidity, no wind.

The Thang:


SSH x25

Hillbillies x15

Merkins x10

Indian Run south on Main Street to the S. Main/Camperdown intersection.

Stoplight sprints x4 (sprint across the intersection, roughly 10 yards)

To the fountain.  Dips OYO x30

Mosey down to the Liberty Bridge.  They don’t have views like this in Columbia do they pops?

Dora 1-2-3 (Partner A does exercise, Partner B goes across the bridge and back)

Burpees x100

Plank Shoulder Touches x200

Russian Twists (single-count) x300

SpongeBob and Grit did some extra credit consisting of flutter-kicks and running backwards on the bridge because they finished early.

Good idea boys.  Circle up, next exercise is:

Flutter kicks x20 OYO

Dying cockroach x10

Backwards mosey across the bridge and back, with a plank in the middle to enjoy the falls.

Squats x10 OYO

Up the steps, dips on the fountain x10 OYO

Now introducing a miserable invention of Fishwrap’s from CLT Metro: The Dumbocrat (Partner A planks, Partner B planks on their back.  Both Partners descend simultaneously, with Partner B doing a traditional partner derkin, and Partner A doing a really freaking hard merkin)

Dumbocrats x5 for each partner.

Indian Run back to SF.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Great work from the pax today.  Grit was fired up to be there without needing gloves.  I mean, he wore gloves anyway, but took them off when he realized no one else was wearing them.  But he was still excited to be there.  Not sure, but seems like SpongeBob might as well just put a tent up at the Peace Center, he posts every day.  Nice work Sponge.  Thanks for your dedication.

Nails was impressive, he’s been well trained by the yahoos in the middle part of the state.  He hasn’t admitted it to me yet, but he’s a lot happier without so many Gamecocks around.  There’s a little “gamecock-free” spring in his step that he doesn’t have when in Columbia.  For the record, he’s a Dawg first.  At least that’s what he’s always told me.

YHC is a broken record on this, but if a 64 year old can get out of the fartsack and run around with a bunch of guys literally half his age, what is everyone else’s excuse?

Satisfry admitted that he almost fartsacked.  Glad you didn’t brother.

Can I just say- where is everybody?  It is THE BEST weather to post in: not too hot, not too cold, not humid, shorts and t-shirt were fine, and because its still winter, downtown isn’t so crowded.  GET OUT OF THE FARTSACK.


HUGE NEWS: Sponge and Slim have identified White Horse Academy as a location for pax to post and give back.  It is an alternative boarding school for young men who have had some disciplinary issues.  Starting sometime in April.  Let’s make a difference in these young men’s lives!

Less huge news: Mud Run, Blue Ridge Relay, Spinx Marathon.

Prayer Requests:

Satisfry is expecting a 2.0 in August.

Praise for Grit’s recent business news.  We rejoice with you, Grit.

Nails’s job and for his time in Greenville to be bountiful.

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  1. HUGE NEWS: Sponge and Slim have identified White Horse Academy as a location for pax to post and give back.

    I was wondering what the latest was on this. Great to hear.

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