The Station has a birthday

  • Workout Date - 08/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - Ponzi, Perry Mason, Bambino, Biebs, Erector, PETA, Blue Hawaii, Grrr, Wally, Biofreeze, Earthmover, iTunes, Mr. Head, Cockroach, Alfred
  • AO -

15 men rolled out to celebrate 1 year at The Station. Thankfully, Earthmover came out to ensure the renewal of the dreaded #trainburpees for another year. YHC, as usual, rolled up with 2 minutes to spare and upon planting the shovel flag next to Blue’s blue shovel flag, we had still had 20 seconds till go time. #timemanagement

Warm Up
Let’s get the arms and legs warmed up with two of the classics:
Smurf Jacks x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang
Let’s Mosey™ about 100 feet from the circle to the picnic shelter. Count off into groups of 3 for pain stations.

Station 1 – 10 Pull ups
Station 2 – 25 Dips
Station 3 – Bear crawl up the hill towards the amphitheater
Once done with a station, rotate to the next.
Rinse & Repeat.
Plank up while everyone finishes and do some plank rotations.

Let’s Mosey™ down past the pond to the parking lot at Cannon Theatre. Line up on the parking lines for Burpee Suicides:

1 Burpee at the starting line, run to the second line, run back to the start
2 Burpees at the start, run to the 4th line, run back to the start
Continue until the last line. (I believe it was the 5 burpee line)

Next, line up along the wall for People’s Chair for 1 minute. During our minute, we stretched our arms out front, over our head, and in circles in cadence.

Let’s Mosey™ over to the stairs by Cannon St. for 1 round of Joe Hendrix. Plank up at the top.

Partner up for Classic Dora 1-2-3.
100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBCs
Your partner runs up Cannon St to the intersection and back.
More plank work while everyone finishes.

Let’s Mosey™…sprint to the hill behind the Amphitheater for some more “fun”.

Jack Hendrix
1 Merkin, backwards bear crawl up the grassy hill, 4 air presses at the top.
2 Merkins, backwards bear crawl up the grassy hill, 8 air presses at the top.
Continue until we hit 5 merkins and 20 air presses.

Patches O’Houlihan
1 Squat at the bottom, backwards run the grassy hill, 4 lunges at the top
2 Squats at the bottom, backwards run the grassy hill, 8 lunges at the top
Continue until we hit 5 squats and 20 lunges.

We’ve still got 15 minutes so, Let’s Mosey™ over the the large grassy field (with sprinklers running) for 4-coreners. Complete an exercise at each corner while running in between.

Corner 1 – 30 Flutter kicks DC
Corner 2 – 30 (audible to 20) Big Boy sit ups
Corner 3 – 15 Xs and Os
Corner 4 – 15 V-ups ( Cockroach suggested these, but he mysteriously had to leave before performing them )

We’re all out of time so Let’s Mosey™ back to the flags for COT.

There were also 3 trains, so tack on 30 burpees.

Naked Moleskin
These guys in Greer are getting strong, and fast.
Nearly 50% of the guys that posted today were FNGs in the first month of The Station last year.
Earthmover is sneaky fast, he passed YHC quite a few times running Dora.
Earthmover suggested changing #trainburpees to #supermanhandreleasemerkins. I suppose it will be Qs choice.

Prayers and Announcements
– Powder keg is expanding to Easley. Get guys to sign up here:
– Greer is looking to expand to Blue Ridge and it just so happens Biofreeze lives in that area. Can you say “Site Q”? Get guys to sign up here:
– Prayers for Lizard Lick and family, now turned to praise and congratulations on the birth of their precious baby girl, Annie.
– Prayers for Perry Mason’s uncle and step father with medical issues.
– Prayers for Bambino’s father and the family of his father’s boss.
– Praise for Erector and Blue Hawaii’s testimony

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