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  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
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Aaaaahhh… T-shirts. Shorts. No base layers. No wool. The fair weather is back, boys in spite of some of the #fairweatherPAX not quite being back. Seriously… Even @Sanchez was here. Wherefore everybody else? Nonetheless, 13 PAX rolled into the Gower parking lot ┬áto get their sweat on with some partner work. Here’s what went down.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Parker Peter Merkin x 15 IC #newfavorite

Partner up/Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot

Dora 123 (one partner runs to the speed bump/burpee at the top while the other exercises)

Perfect Squats x 100

MC x 200 (double count)

Flutters x 300 (double count)

Laps around the basketball courts till everybody’s done.

Mosey to the tennis courts. Keep your partner.

Star Drill (one partner runs while the other exercises) #FlaySpecial

Russian Twist

Jump lunges

Dead cockroach


Burpees #savethebestforlast

Take laps till everybody’s done. At this point there was much huffing and puffing going on.

Ark Loader Suicide #FlaySpecial

Court 1 Bear crawl

Court 2 Crab Walk

Court 3 Frog Jump

Court 4 Duck Walk

Court 5 Spring

#Tclaps to Friar Tuck for the #LarryBird off the front in spite of the trick knee

Hold 6 inches till everybody’s done. SLOOOOOOW 10 count courtesy of Ashley in honor of T.B.C. to finish up.

Mosey to the flag and circle up

6MOM (Plankorama) #crowdpleaser

High plank – 1 min

Low plank – 1 min #mumblechatter starts to swell

Right arm high – 1 min @GiftRapper begins to bitch and moan

Left arm high – 1 min

High plank – 1 min

Low plank – 1 min



  • Been a while since we went heavy on the cardio. The goal was to keep guys moving with little to no rest and keep that heartrate high. Based on YHC’s experience and the general huffing and puffing amongst the PAX, it appears we have a #missionaccomplished
  • The weather change is most welcome, but YHC’s gotta get back in the habit of making sure I hydrate the night before. Unlike most SwampRabbit PAX, I don’t like to bother with a water bottle during workouts (#tooforgetful #mightmerlot), so getting water in the night before is crucial. Was pretty parched afterward today, so everybody put that on your list of things to keep an eye on.
  • Another side effect of the nice weather is the reintroduction of some serious STANK in COT, hence the title of this post and the pic at the top. I LOVE the smell of COT STANK in the morning. Smells like… VICTORY
  • #Tclaps to @BradyBunch for coming back out after taking a serious a$$-over-tea-kettle tumble on Tuesday. Looking forward to the future from you, brother
  • #Tclaps to @Frankenreiter for continued max effort. Already seeing progress brother
  • @FriarTuck is considering a move to the Denver area, but need to get a line on a job. Anybody with engineering contacts? Help a brother out. YHC’s gonna try to hook up with the Littleton F3 chapter
  • Continued prayers for @ScubaSteve. The interview went well. Now we just need good news back.
  • Keep those Spartanburg contacts coming. YHC has the Q in Spartanburg on 5/3. We’re gonna put a Tank Yard caravan together to go out there and show those boys how we do it!

Finally, for those of you not on twitter, @ScubaSteve has a shining example of how you thank your Q for a good workout. I hope to see a lot of this from you all in the future:

My only regret is that I have to wait till after work for these.

My only regret is that I have to wait till after work for these.

See you in The Gloom



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