The SOUL TRAIN stopped at the Station to pick up 11

  • Workout Date - 06/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi and the Soul Train
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Lizard Lick, Alfred, Erector, Perry Mason, Kipper the Dog, Blades, Spring Break, Wally, Samsung, Sushi (YHC)
  • AO -

The grooviest A.O. in SC was the nest stop on YHC’s Tour DeUpstate as 11 (Yoleven) PAX were on the right track and did not heed the warnings given from the previous stops on the tour.  Trains need to stay on schedule and the pax started promptly at 5:30 with Joe Walsh The Station playing for their musical enjoyment.

Warm-Up: 25 X SSH, Lap around the park, 25 X IW, lap around the park

The Thang:

Song Carl Douglass Kung Fu Fighting 

Horse Riding Stance Punches X 100.  PAX had to start the count over again…YOLEVEN was not loud enough!!!  It only happened once and the pax belted it out the rest of the workout.  Apparently we were getting real hot because the sprinklers turned on and we had to relocate up to the top section of the park.

Song Simple Minds Alive and Kicking

Front Rising Kicks Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12, Closing Kicks Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12, Karate Kid Kicks Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12.

The Party Train (Hamilton Bohannon) and C’mon and Ride It (Quad City DJ’s) helped motivate the PAX through the next pain station.

10X Mountain Climbers, Bear Crawl 25 yards, 20 Diamond Merkins, Duck Walk 25 Yards, 30 Crab Crunches, Crab Walk back 25 yards, Run to start 25 yards.  Stop in the middle for a train….10 burpees.  Rinse and repeat with a lap around the park after and then off to the amphitheater.

Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne), Lonely Train (Black Stone Cherry) pepped it up as the pax had to lunge walk up 8 rows and stop for 5 X Dips on each level on the way back down.  Lap around the outside of the Amphitheater, rinse and repeat.  Mosey over to hill and lock arms.  Walk backwards up the hill and do 5 squats.  Mosey back down, rinse and repeat 3X.

Time to be a Long Train Runnin (The Doobie Brothers) as the pax lined up for a Native American Run around the AO.  Great job by the PAX an effort here.  There are some speedsters at the Station and YHC was impressed by the blurs that went by.  T-Claps to Lizard Lick to hanging and putting forth the effort to stay with the PAX.  The Last Train to Clarksville (Monkeys) helped the pax work the last hill to circle up for a short version of Mary.  The Cure (Jumpin Someone Else’s Train) finished the pax with 12 X Shamrocks and 10X Oblique V-ups.

Prayers and Announcements: Prayers for Kipper and his M as they are expecting, also for Spring Break’s friends who are expecting as well but had some test results and are in need of  some prayers.  The Pitch Fork new A.O. has started at Oakview Elementary School.  Now on Tuesdays, Fridays at 5:30 am and Saturdays at 7:00am.  Bazooka Ball in August…see pre-blast and sign up.

Moleskin: The 6th stop on the Tour DeUpstate was well worth the trip.  This AO has everything a guest Q could want.  The park is a perfect location with everything from running paths and hills, to amphitheaters with fountains.  If you can’t get creative there, it is time to go back to Q school.  On top of the physical location, the PAX there give it a great effort and welcomed YHC with open arms!

Next Stop…The Tank Yard!!!


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