• Workout Date - 12/29/2014
  • Q In Charge - Bartman
  • The PAX - Balboa, Plato, Slapchop, Stewart smiley, Snowden, Holla, Blue Hawaii, Footloose, Alfred,
  • AO -

11 strong make the conscious decision to reject the sounds or rain drops falling on their roofs and put in their

Smurf jacks x 10
Merkins x 10
IW x 15

The BurbianThang:
Mosey down to the elementary school to get the lowdown on the team SMURPH.
Run a mile, complete the below exercises as a team:
Pull ups x 100
Merkins x 200
Smurjacks x 300
Run another mile

Mosey back to MRC for some Marry, Radar style: Join back up with your partner. Partner 1 does Russian twists while partner 2 runs to the MRC steps and Joe Hendrix’s up them. FlapJack/Rinse and Repeat x 2. Next exercise: Flutters x 2.

Naken Moleskin:

  • Great having Balboa (my brother) in the gloom.
  • Unfortunately Sponge posted! With that Bartman’s twitter Egg is GONE.
  • Awesome work by the PAX this morning, the sMURPH was unexpected and everyone laced them up tight and get busy! Well done!
  • We have an awesome group of men pouring into one another lives, don’t take for granted what we have. Share it!


  • Drifter, check out webs site for information
  • The Swamp Rabbit “PbR” is set for 5/1. This is a “Personal badass Record” goal for 2015. Sub 20 minute 5k is what YHC has targeted but if you are faster than that then set your goal accordingly, like wise if you are slower. It is more about setting a goal that is going to make you work your tail off while encouraging you to be at #Beastside (or RoF for the other guys), Lucy (Orange County), Crucible as well as the standard week day bootcamp style workouts.

Praises and Prayer:

  • Praises for Erector and his family!
  • We need to lift up Golden Sombrero and his Parents.
  • Pray for Balboa and his family has they travel back to Philly.

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