The Screecher From The Black Lagoon

  • Workout Date - 03/27/2023
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26 Rabbits (including 3 FNG’s) planted the shovel flag at #TheMainThang for @Screech’s VQ. It was clear early on that @Screech did not believe in tricks or treats. He has all the makings of the next cult movie monster – “The Screecher From Falls Park”

screecher from the black lagoon

The Thang

SSH x30
Merkins x15
IW x30
SSH x30

Run down Main St, across the Liberty Bridge, around the Bowater bldg and into the parking deck #SuperLongWay #IknowAshortCut

Once in the deck, perform an exercise at each level, running up the ramps in between

15 Spiderman pushups, jog to the next level
15 air squats, backwards run up
15 mountain climbers, run up
10 clap pushups, run up
Burpee Broad jumps all the way up the ramp #crowdpleaser #gassed
10 Spiderman pushups, sprint up.
Mosey to the steps and take them down to the bottom

Partner up and split into 2 groups
Grp 1 – on the wall for
Handstand Push Ups x10, flapjack
Leg Throw on back x30, flapjack

Grp 2 – short mosey to rails by the river for
Supine pull ups x30
Groups flapjack

Run behind the Bowater bldg and back across Liberty Bridge to the entrance to Falls Park

Modified Dora
50 Derkins, 50 Dips, 50 Wall Jumps (aggregate count with partner)

One partner does exercise while the other does pull ups under Liberty Bridge
As many pull ups as possible between partner switches (heard one team got to 49 – #beasts)

Plank and sprint from Falls Park to Peace Center


Naked Moleskin
– Great VQ from @Screech today
– Burpee broad jumps up the ramp were no joke #smoked
– That 300yd sprint from Falls Park to Peace Center almost had YHC spilling merlot #NotTodayFlay
– YHC didn’t leave 6MOM out – @Screech worked us so hard there was no time for it #LotsOfPullups
– Yes, @Screech does have washboard abs like The Creature pictured above. Although I don’t recall his nails being quite as long #metrosexual

– We wish @Zildjian best of luck on his journey to Parris Island to become a Marine
– Keep @Epee’ and his family in your thoughts/prayers as he is out of town on a military training exercise for the next three weeks
– Our thoughts/prayers are with @Punkin Spice’s friend who recently lost his father
– Spring 2014 USMC Mud teams are forming now. Contact YHC or @Pledge for details.
– Debit has the Q at #Legacy this Saturday.

See ya in the gloom……

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  1. You almost had me on the arkloader at the PC a few weeks back. Really thought after burpee broadjumps and the sprint that it was gonna happen this morning. I think Punkin Spice did spill merlot this morning. Maybe we should remove the first N from his name

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