The Sad Clown battle must go on…

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Quaker, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

Only 2 brave souls left the fartsack this morning to battle Sad Clown Syndrome. Everyone else must be in Columbia at the USMC Mud Run. I know they would have been here otherwise. Powderpuff was in the parking lot but “had” to leave. Maybe my Qs are just too tough and the PAX stay away. Quaker and I made the best of it and became stronger.

We were stretched out and decided to warm up with a slow mosey hoping to see more PAX come. It’s 7:05. I guess they’re “sacking”. Mosey over to the brick pile.

7s with the bricks

7 half curls, 7 half to chest, 7 full range, 7 overhead press, 7 tricep curls – Repeat 3 X

Peoples chair with straight arms and a brick 2 X 15 sec – Repeat 3 X

Mosey around the church to the bottom of the 3 tiered steps. You know what’s next…

Joe Hendrix each set and back pedal in between.

Short mosey around the church.

Modified 2 man Dora. Each man would do all the reps.

  • Squats 25 single count / run to end of lot and back X 4 for a total of 100 squats
  • Mountain climber 50 SC / run X 4 = 200 MC
  • LBC 75 SC / run X 4 = 300 LBC

Short mosey back to bottom steps. Yup! Do it again! Joe Hendrix the steps but this time bear crawl between. I can’t feel my arms!!!

Short mosey to shovel flag.

  • wide leg stretch arms straight up
  • little arm circles forward/backward
  • wide leg stretch both hands to left foot then right
  • hand walk out to stretch calves
  • Plankorama (right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg)

Gassed!!! Thanks to Quaker for keeping me accountable. If not I may have just gone home to the fartsack.

P & A

Anderson launch Oct 18. Prayers for all our F3 brothers competing in the USMC Mud Run. Prayers for all those we missed seeing today and for all the requests made in COT. As always we pray for all our F3 brothers and their families.

See you in the GLOOM!!!


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