The Rude Awakening

  • Workout Date - 02/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Popeye and Pledge
  • The PAX - Popeye, Pledge, Erin Brockovich (FNG-Chris Buechele)
  • AO -

A PAX of 3 shook of their modest hangovers #understatement and braved the cold of the Appalachian this morning to see what they could find. What they found were hills, frost, and #merlotsplashing. Here’s what went down.


Warm up

Run 1 mile loop back to the bottom of what can only be described as #MerlotMountain because of what ensued.



Mountain Climbersx30

The Main Event

3 man grinders (shout out to WIB) as follows:

Partner A squats at the bottom, partner B runs to the top, partner C merkins. Repeato x3. Switch to lunges at the bottom and LBCs at the top. Rinse and repeat x3. Last set mountain climbers at the base and carolina dry docks at the top. Rinse and repeat x3.

Head to the top of #MerlotMountain for plank-o-rama.

Run back to the cabin for 6 MoM.

LBCs, Flutters, Good girl/bad girl, Freddie Mercurys, and dying cockroaches all x30.


Pledge and YHC are on vacation up in Asheville this weekend with about 16 friends in a mega cabin, and the gauntlet was thrown down at about midnight last night challenging any and all brave enough to tackle the blue ridge in the gloom with us. Only one accepted. Pledge brought back an infamous Saturday morning stretch that most hate-hates are familiar with: the hands on the knees #merlotsplash, hence the name for our hill #MerlotMountain. T-claps for powering through brotha.

Couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque morning to tackle the gloom. Thanks for taking it on with us, FNG Erin Brockovich. T-claps for renaming the Rosalita good girl/bad girls. Gave us a much needed laugh. Hopefully you can take some time off from court and post in the Holy City after this weekend.

Strong takeout by Pledge, as it set the tone for what’s sure to be a memorable weekend with close friends.




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