The Rolling Stones Rocked Golden Strip

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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When one goes down…it’s next Man Up.  Keep Macho in your prayers as he deals with a very uncomfortable situation.  If he is in pain…the PAX were going to be as well for the Rolling Stones Beat down.  YHC had just switched Q’s with Macho due to Kidney stones on Tuesday and used his well planned, playlist of exercises two days earlier.  Now, YHC is not saying that he plans his Q’s for weeks and choreographs every second of the 45 minute workout like Katie Perry’s Superbowl halftime show, but something had to be done and fast!.   I was about to have my 19th Nervous Breakdown after hearing that Macho would not be able to Q again today.  It became apparent that the Stones had to be involved in some way.  Forty Licks was playing as the 11 faithful arrived and they were instructed to each grab a stone.  It was to remain in their hand during the whole session.  If at any point it was dropped…..10 Burpees!

The Warm-up – Start Me Up

Jumpin Jack Flash – X 40

Take a lap

IW X 25

Take a lap

Chorus Line Kicks – Right leg X 15, Left Leg X 15 – The PAX wanted more kicks…but You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Knife Hand Strikes – Right Hand X 15, Left Hand X 15 Under My Thumb

Horse Riding Punches – X 30 – Street Fighting Man

The Thang

Break into groups of 4 for Circuit Laps as we listened to the Stones

Station 1 – Merkins X 25, Station 2 – Lunges X 25, Station 3 – Squats X 25, Station 4 LBC’s X 25  Run faster than a mosey between stations.  Rinse and Repeat

After two laps, We Harlem Shuffled the groups to allow the PAX to do a little 2nd F.

Station 1 – Jump Squats X 25, Station 2 – Mountain Climbers X 25, Station 3 – Burpees X 25 YHC was Shattered, Station 4 Flutters X 25  Run faster than a mosey between stations.  Rinse and Repeat

After four hard laps of pain, circle up for some SPEED MARY because YHC Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Crab Crunches X 25

Hello Dolly X 25

Donkey Kicks X 10 – Wild Horses was playing at the time

Big Boy Sit-ups X 15

Russian Twists X 25

Plank Jacks X 15

COT and Moleskin

This one was for you Macho.  Hope our prayers worked.  Since we can’t attach pictures anymore you will have to see your memorial on twitter @F3Sushi. Great job by the PAX today as Snookie made it two days in a row.  He is drinking the Kool-Aid.  Re-Tread – Glad we could take you back to your high school days jammin with Mick and the boys.  Thanks to The Tickler and 1D for showing the PAX how to be vocal with their counting.  Events to remember – The Drifter this Saturday, Mauldin Doughnut Dash Feb 28th, Need 4 more runners for Palmetto 200 March 20-21st, Hero’s 5k this weekend.

It’s All Over Now


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