The Reverse Houdini

  • Workout Date - 04/21/2005
  • Q In Charge - Domer Simpson
  • The PAX - The Hard Hat, Grit, SpongeBob, Lybor, Updyke, Dollywood, Latka, Screech, Debit, Grim Reaper, welcome FNG PETA (Ryan), Domer Simpso
  • AO -

This morning 12 men enjoyed  a not so gloomy morning, we were grateful the rain did not threaten to mask our sweat stains. Sandiago told me Houdini had the 0530 Main Thang work out, unfortunately just the thought of joining his runfest made my Achilles Tendinitis flare up.  YHC decided the only way to get a minimal running workout in was to Q one, and the 0515 just happened to be available.

Warm Up

Imperial Walker, InchWorm Merkins, Plank to Push-Ups.

The Thang

11s Dips and Derkins,

Peoples Chair on the Peace Center Ticketing Office

11s Modified Pull Ups and Squats

Plankorama – Thanks to The Hard Hat for leading while YHC finished up the 11s….

5 Balls to Walls Wall Walkups

Bear Crawl 40 yards

Flutter Kicks x 20

Heels to Heaven x 20

Peoples Chair 30 seconds

Merkins IC x 10 (slowly)

Peoples Chair 45 seconds

Burpies x 10 OYO

Peoples Chair 60 seconds

Joe Hendrix up long stairs at Peace Center


Air Humpers,LBCs, Elbow Planks, Dead Cockroaches, Sprinters, Elbow Planks, Russian Twists, Jacques Cousteau – insert a few comments directed towards SpongeBob and Scuba Steve here.


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Prayers for the Smith Family losing their daughter, Please also keep Grit and DollyWood and their families in your prayers.

 was thinking about F3 this morning on the ride home, it’s time to starting amping up the 2nd and 3rd Fs.  What has kept me coming back to F3 isn’t the wonderful free workouts.  It’s the men I have grown to respect and know.  I challenge you to make an effort to connect with somebody this month. Take them to lunch, grab a beverage, lend them a hand.  Make a difference.


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