The Reverse Domer Simpson

  • Workout Date - 04/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Hootie, Phil Dunphy, San Diago, Denied, Pledge, Dino Scorsese? (FNG Fruity Pebbles), Eppe, Weed Wacker, Wingnut, Iceman, Maverick & Houdini
  • AO -

12 dudes shed some cottage cheese and sculpted some cleavage this morning.  Not once, but twice, we had ladies stop and holler at us – I think it was b/c of San Diago’s sleeveless tank.

Google Calendar told me Domer had the 515AM Early MT work out, unfortunately just the thought of working out in the same location for 45 minutes made MY NIPPLES FLARE UP and I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO USE PICTURES FOR A COMMENT LIKE THIS

Gloom Observations – Maverick re-engaged the PAX & I finally learned what #Kotters means, sprinklers are coming back on, so my fanny pack got a little moist while marinating on the bench.  Phil Dunphy showed up late and ran in the wrong direction for 38 minutes trying to locate the PAX – he was able TOTALLY REDEEM HIMSELF in the final 7 minutes.  He’d make a great addition to the BRR team that has Dollywood in the van….

Warm up:
Diamonds X15 Werkins X10 RT X20


The Thang:

MOSEY South on Main (Sorry for the pump-fake, Dunphy)

Pause at Liberty fountain for Dips X15

Woman interrupted our pump = NO LADY YOU CANNOT SIT ON MY LAP

Derkins X15 OYO & Squats X30


Pause at SMOKE Corner for Squats X30

Continue South and mix in Bear Crawls / Lunge walks

Pause at RR Crossing for RR Hops X20 RT X20 Merkins X15



Ascending Curb Crawl to 10 across in Pendleton Street Baptist #boobparty

Mosey N back towards the house and close to a Flapjack workout wise during our backtrack

Wrapped up with some dips X20 and derkins on the PC wall while the Early Edition cleared out


Naked Moleskin:

-Jackalope on May 16th – put on your big boy panties and spend some quality time with your brothers. Houdini will bring his goat, Psycho, and a slip’n slide to Legacy for the after party.  If you want him to do tricks bring a pack of Ballpark wieners and some skittles

-Praise to have Maverick healthy and active

 –Pledge buying a house, closing soon – CSAUP event to welcome him to the neighborhood #JackADumpOnHisPorch

-Phil Dunphy to VQ this Saturday

-Spartanburg 1 year anniversary this Saturday

-Denied has church friends who recently lost one of their newborn twins to infection.  Challenging time for parents/Christians – ask that God touch their heart and guide them through the grieving process

Shake a leg,

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