The Return of the Quadrangles… But wait, there's more!

  • Workout Date - 03/15/0011
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer
  • The PAX - Keystone (Almost), Quaker (Respect), T-Bag, Seal, Swift (HateHateHate), Gluten (Respect), Red Wire (Respect), Boomhauer (Almost), Gauge (HateHateHate), Padre, Whoopie, Brown Shorts, Tiny Dancer (HateHateHate).
  • AO -

This was the first Q in the cold for Powderkeg, so naturally it had to start out with 30x  Side-Straddle-Hops to warm up.  It has been said that whisky warms the cockles of your heart (whatever that is), but YHC figured that, on a cold morning, 10x hand-release clapping Merkins would have the same effect.  YHC (who had planned a partner workout), was dismayed when, at first, only 13 people showed up to the workout.  However, that would mean that we could do plenty more pull-ups, Mexican squats, and Pretzel crunches, in the return of the quadrangles.

However, due to reasons I will shortly explain, we didn’t end up getting to the quadrangles, so, we did the following:


10x pull-ups

30x Mex. Squats

30x(each leg), pretzel crunches, IC

20x Mex. Squats

10x pull-ups


And then we took off on an Indian Run.  On our way back into the pavilion, a blessing showed up.  It was Red Wire, the one gent YHC needed to begin a mega Dora.

YHC admits, however, the principle reason that I wanted to run another partner workout was because I wanted to experience the devil of my own creation, the North Korean Wheelbarrow*.  So, YHC got to do that for once, and instantly realized why the PAX so rue YHC’s workouts.

* Sorry, but I won’t explain this in the Backblast.  If I can, I will have it in the exercise dictionary, but that is still in the works.  It is hard-ish to describe.

So, after we finished our bout of unabashed Anti/Multi-Culturalism, we headed into the Mega Dora.

Of course, when we got there I had barely any time left, but here is what we got done:

50 Pull-ups (yes, I am insane)

100 Merkins

150 LBCs

What follows is everything YHC had planned after that:

200 Flutter Kicks

250 Mexican squats

300 Prisoner squats


Unfortunately, YHC was not given the chance to destroy the PAX’s legs.  Eh, I’ll have to try harder next time.


November Hope relay for Hope Reach in Downtown Greenville.  There will be 10K relays, 5K relays, and group 5K relays with painstations.  For more info, they do have a website, which is Hope

Mud Run on the 24th of October and the Sphinx Run Fest on the 31st are both coming up.

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