The Return of The Hard Hat

  • Workout Date - 09/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - THE HARD HAT
  • The PAX - Banjo (respect), Joe Dirt (welcome back), Homeward Bound, Noonan, Schnider, Posh, Mustang Sally, Earthmover, Castaway, THE HARD HAT
  • AO -

I decided that my body was recovered enough from the punishment that it endured at BRR. I was wrong. Calf still feels cramped and I still do not enjoy running. Enough crying from me.


Ran around the church to see how that feels. Hurt

SSH x 30 IC

Merkins x 12 IC

Flutters x Don’t Rembere IC

The Thang

Bunch of Parking Lot Stuff  – Start in Squat the broad jump out into plank then inch worm back to squat position across the parking lot. High knees back.

Alternate 10 werkins and 20 squats at each parking spot across lot. Butt kickers back

Lunges across parking lot and Frankenstien back.

Partner up and go get one block per partner. Run down to retaining wall. Time for some man-ups. Did a lot of man up will partners did curls and presses. Each PAX got in about 60 man-ups

On the way back decided on a whim to do wall sits with blocks. Partner wall sit beside each other and pass block back and forth. Watch out for Earthmover. He will throw his block at you on the way to the ground.

Back in the parking lot we lined up again. 10 Diamond Merkins followed by 20 Russin Twists then sprint the parking lot. Did this 3 times.

Circle up for wave merkins. Tried to get the PAX excited for this one but they start to hurt quickly.

Finished off with some Mary – Crab Crunches, Rosie and Dollies.

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