The Return of Santa Flay

  • Workout Date - 12/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - Santa Flay
  • The PAX - Holla, White Walker, The Tickler, Trycycle, Grim Reaper, 1040, Iceman, Look Out Below, Denied, Erector, Nature Boy (WD), Caviar, Spongebob, Scuba Steve, 1Direction, Punkin Spice, Certus, Freeze Dry
  • AO -

Ah, nothing says Christmas like a bunch of dudes rolling around in the grass in the pre-dawn gloom on a chilly rainy Saturday. Especially when the weirdo leading them shows up in candy cane tights, a Santa hat with twinkle lights, and a ruck full of Awful with Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas Symphony blaring.

You guessed it, kids. Santa Flay was back with one of his famous grab bag Qs. For those of you who don’t know what that means, YHC had a bullet ruck filled with slips of paper. On each slip was a circuit, workout, exercise, etc. The PAX picked in turn to decide what would happen next in the workout. Typically, these end up really well balanced and the boys get a full body workout. Not today.

19 little elves creeped up in the drizzly Gloom to see what presents Santa Flay had in store.


Slip 1: Mosey to the Fern.

Hipslappers x 20 IC

Slip 2:

Burpees x 10 OYO (#moreofthatcoming #foreshadowing)

Slip 3: Mosey over to the rocky fountain. Heckle the SPEARHEAD Rucktards as you pass by.

11s: Derkins and Dips (#moremerkinscomingtoo)

At which point @Iceman, @ScubaSteve, and @PunkinSpice join us from the SPEARHEAD workout. @Scuba immediately starts complaining that YHC picked “the worst Christmas Album Ever” (reminder: Mannheim Steamroller)

Yes, Scuba, I did… You’re welcome

Slip 4: Mosey to the Grassy Knoll

6MOM: PAX pick the exercise and Q counts

Can’t remember all that we did, but we were joined by @NatureBoy as we got going. He immediately suggested something stupid, called Scorpions. Q wasn’t listening.

Slip 5: Mosey down to the wall

Bent Ladder: Lock arms/backpedal to the top. Burpee at the top and back down. Repeato ascending to burpees x 7.

Burpees are starting to add up.

Slip 6: Circle up

Push-o-rama: Merkins x 15 / Werkins x 15 / Diamond Merkins x 15

#Minderaser. @Iceman makes the comment that @Snowden’s not there, so we don’t have to go nuts on the merkins. Appropriate since this was our #Mumblechatterguru’s contribution when YHC first put this workout together last year.

Merkins are starting to add up.

Slip 7: Mosey down to the pond. This is gonna hurt.

Escalator (YHC would like to thank/punch AP for introducing this particular bit of Suck to Swamp Rabbit. This circuit has been in the bag for every grab bag Q, and, each time I pray that it won’t get picked. This was the first time. It was awful.)

Burpees x 10 / Lap around the pond

Burpees x 10 / Squats x 20 / Lap around the pond

Burpees x 10 / Squats x 20 / Merkins x 30 / Lap around the pond

Burpees x 10 / Squats x 20 / Merkins x 30 / LBCs x 40 / Lap around the pond

Burpees x 10 / Squats x 20 / Merkins x 30 / LBCs x 40 / Walking Lunges x 50 / Lap around the pond

Burpees AND Merkins really adding up.

Yeah, that sucked. PAX got pretty spread out, and YHC was at or near the Six for most of this one. #Tclaps to @NatureBoy and @GrimReaper for #LarryBirding on this one.

@Ice drags the PAX up to the Wall for some weird incline Plank-o-rama while the slow pokes like YHC get done.

Slip 8: $%$%^#

Burpees x 20 OYO

At this point, the PAX are openly considering a revolt. I can’t say that I would have blamed them

Slip 9: Mosey back to the flags

Jack Webb Pyramid: up to Merkins x 5 / Presses x 20 and back down

No more merkins, please.

Done…. Wait… not done.

@1Direction has us do some awful reverse burpee/burpee combo with a weird name. As if we hadn’t done enough burpees… Whatever.

No more burpees please.



  • Christmas in Mauldin tonight
  • Christmas Eve Convergence 5k Walk/Ruck/Run at Tommy’s Ham House. Bring canned goods and $8.50 if you want to eat. Bring your shovelflags as well.
  • Fundraiser being put up by Greenville High Baseball team. Holding a Crossfit session. Some of the proceeds going to Let There Be Mom


  • Praise from Erector. Over $400 raised for the Challenge to Conquer Cancer
  • Prayer’s for Iceman and Freeze Dry’s coworker who is in the hospital after having a brain aneurysm
  • Prayers for Cadre Joe Warner and his family

As always, brothers, its my privilege and pleasure to lead. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Until next year…

Santa Flay

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