The return of a Station backblast

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  • Workout Date - 06/22/2021
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Ultimate Warrior, No Bars, Training Wheels, Knight Rider, Dirty Myrtle, Wilson, Courtesy Flush, Bed bug - sorry whowever i missed
  • AO - The Station

10 men converged in the pristine environs of Greer City Park to push themselves and each further other along the path of greatness. The Pax were slow to arrive, but when they did, they were ready for work.


20 SSH

15 IW

15 tempo squats

9 windmills (YHC kinda let his mind wander and lost track).

Warmup concluded, the Pax mosey’d up through the park entrance, across Poinsett and over to the corner of Victoria and Trade where YHC removed my enormous weinke from my shorts and gave the men today’s assignment. The work was explained as a dora with a wrinkle – the main body of work was to be 150 of each of the exercises below, broken up by 50 merkins between each set. P1 works, P2 runs from Trade to Poinsett and back again. The work (not in original order)

150 Bobby Hurleys

50 merkins

150 SC Lunges

50 merkins

150 squats

50 merkins

150 crunches

50 merkins

150 plank jacks

50 merkins

150 SSH

50 merkins

150 flutters

50 merkins

at this point, the weinke still showed 150 I.W., but time was running so an audbile was called for the Pax to head to the circle. Along the way, we incorporated some karaoke, calf raises, dips and incline merkins. End with about 3 min of Mary (Wilson CAN call something beside erectors!) and close with COT and thanks to the Almighty. Bubba Gump with our Q Thursday, come out and support him and the guys beside you.