The Return

  • Workout Date - 11/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Olebay, Fng Peekaboo, Dummbledore, Waco
  • AO -

6 Pax including 1 Fng Peekaboo came out for YHCs return q from IR.


20x ic ssh
15x ic mountain climbers

Mosey over to canopy island…for some Deck o death!

Diamonds-Pull ups
Spaids-big boy sit ups

Joker=Joe Hendricks #mummblechatter

The pax got threw the deck with about 20 minutes to go. So we moseyed over to the church for some man makers. Each pax competed 10 on there own before splitting the other 40 among the rest of the pax.

Mosey back to the island for Mary
The Jeffersons x 10 Ic brought to the station by Ole bay
LBCs x 20 Ic
Corkscrews x10 Ic (crowd pleaser) Waco favorite

Pax smoked it’s 8am! Time to start the day.

YHC has been almost Mia lately due to travel and jacked up post marathon legs. It was great being back in the gloom with the Pax this morning. This morning reminded YHC of how impactful this group is in my life. More than a workout boys! As always it was a pleasure to lead.

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