The Rain is here…and so are Rocky Top and Wah Wah?!?!

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Montross
  • The PAX - Squints, Squeal, Rocky Top, Wah Wah, Montross - YHC
  • AO -

I pulled up to the Tank Yard around 5:20 and was certain I’d be flying solo or at best with Squeal. Lo and behold, it took pouring down rain, 10 mph winds and forty degree weather to drag Rocky Top and Wah Wah out to the Tank.  Squints was there too, of course!

Right out of the gate we grabbed the 40 lb sandbags out of my car and ran down to the shed.

Thang 1: Jack Webb Pyramid w/ sandbags

1 Merkin + 4 overhead sandbag presses.  Repeated up to 5 Merkins + 20 overhead presses and back down to 1:4.

Thang 2: Jack the Ripper Pyramid w/ sandbags

1 Big Boy Sit-Up + 4 Russian Twists w/ sandbags.  Repeated up to 5 BBSU + 20 RT’s w/ sandbags and back down to 1:4.

Thang 3: Dora 1-2-3

100 – Perfect Squats w/ sandbags

200 – Lunges w/ Sandbags

300 – Smurfjacks

P1 does the exercise while P2 runs to the top parking lot and back.

Thang 4:

10 Biotch Presses & 20 Dips.  Rinse and Repeat


Flutters x 35 IC

4-count Sit-Ups each side x 25 IC

Snow Angles x 20 IC


Prayers for Squints mother.

Prayers for Squints students as the prep for their big mock trial.

As always, pray for any and all of our brothers that may be suffering in silence!

See you in the gloom!



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