The Q should never spew!

  • Workout Date - 08/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - Steamer
  • The PAX - Seal, Tea bag, Hook&Ladder, Ukillis,
  • AO -

To set the stage we started off with 25 SSH and some wind mills. Then we literally went to the stage and performed a perfect set of 11s (mericans and step ups) and ended the act with a minute or so of superman.  Then on to parking lot of the McDonald’s were the lunge walk (60’x2) and heel taps  started the knotting of the Q’s gut, but we pressed on.  After a relaxing jog (for the gut) we stop at our local brick pile for an extended Jack’s Web.  Instead of 4:1 it was 2:1 and then 3:1. So we did 1 burbee, 2 curls w/block, 3 triceps press, and so on and so forth until we reached 5 burbees. This is were thing started to go south or better yet north.  My intention was to go to 10, 20, 30 but with this rising feeling and the reality of running short on time, I think that was wishful thinking. Anyway. We moved on to the closing ceremonies. Using our street smarts we made it back to the covered bridge where Seal tried to take the roof off while doing pull-ups(10) along with some more mericans(10).  Once we got back to the Flag and realized that Seal was not bleeding to death we went spent the last couple of minutes on the ground playing superman and spider man. So in the end I didn’t spew which I think disappointed the pax but it was a close call.

PS: All statements are true to the best of my recollection.



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