The Q is 64! Reps 64!

  • Workout Date - 12/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - Crash
  • The PAX - Stuey, The Count, Cortina, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Double Windsor, Hootie, Weedwacker, Elsa, Caviar, PETA, Crash
  • AO -


It was my first Q, but not my last.  12 humble F3 disciples showed up for the VQ.  The road to exhaustion began with:

The Warm-up:

25x side straddle hop

10x imperial walker

Indian Run to Coffee Street, then to Richardson Street parking garage.

The Workout:

The workout was,”who can complete 64 reps first?” We started at the top floor with 64 hand release merkins. The first man there cries halt and the whole team sprints to the next level. Each level had a different exercise.

64 squats

64 mountain climbers

64 big boy sit-ups

64 plank shoulder touches

64 second hand stand

64 flutters

Run back to the top of the garage and repeat the exercises again.

Run back to the Peace Center for Mary:

64 reps: dolly, rosalita, dying cockroaches, LBCs

I hope it was tough enough!


Thankful for the rain.  Still need some runners for the Smokey Mtn. Relay.  Christmas Party at Spaulding Farm Club House-Dec. 10.  The Ducible is coming, Dec. 16, 5 am.





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