The Pyramid Scheme (AKA Hermie's Q Part Deux)

  • Workout Date - 09/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Bunyan
  • The PAX - Snip-It, Dexter, Montross, White Walker, Flay, Scuba Steve, Clapper, Cataract, Aflac, Rusty, Bunyan
  • AO -

With Hermie still on the IR with a bad back, I jumped in to help out and sub Q.  Since I didn’t have a lot of time to get creative, I re-visited some of my old backblasts to get some ideas (and as Montross added, I had to go way back to find them).  The Pyramid Scheme was a good one, and it did not disappoint once again.  Only made a few modifications……..


SSH x 25

10 Burpees OYO

SSH x 12

Mosey around the baseball field to the Tennis Courts


The Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid # 1

The Bunyan Snow Angel Pyramid

15 Snow Angels (IC), 6” and hold, 10 Snow Angels (IC), 6” and hold, 5 Snow Angels (IC)

Pyramid #2

Jack the Ripper

1 Hand Release Merkin -4 Russian Twists (IC), 2 Merkins – 8 Russian Twists (IC)….up to 5 merkins – 20 Russian Twists (IC) and……We will stop there at the top for now.

Pyramid #3

10 Reps, sprint to the cones in the middle (sort of) of the 5 tennis courts – 20 reps, sprint to the fence on the far side of the 5th court – 30 reps, sprint back to center – 20 reps, sprint back to starting line at 1st court – 10 reps….plank up (90 reps per exercise):



5 Court Suicides

Ok, Lets work our way back down Jack the Ripper……..back to 1 hand-release merkin and 4 RT

7’s (For all of you run haters):

1 Mountain Climber (DC), Bear Crawl (AKA Dexter) across court 1, 6 Burpees, Sprint Back – 2 Mtn Climbers, Bear crawl, 5 Burpees….until 6 Mtn Climbers, 1 Burpee.

**WOW, smoked.

Run around all 5 courts, sprint the last half back.

Continue Pyramid #3

-Air Squats

-Flutter Kicks (Four Count)

-10 Burpees OYO

-Plank Shoulder Touches (Single Count)


Snow Angels

Russian Twists


6” and Hold



Pray for Squeal, his wife and their adoption process.  Wednesday was another tough day in court with no real outcome.

Montross’ cousin Carrie has just been diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 and one of their closest friends has just been diagnosed with MS at age 31.

Pray for Scuba Steve’s friend, Bobby, who is struggling with PTSD and for Scuba as he speaks into him in the coming months.



There is still time to sign up for the Mud Run.

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