The Powder Keg Block Party with a 6-pack and Sally

  • Workout Date - 02/15/0003
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - Tea Bag, Inspector Gadget, Swift (WB), Cabin Fever, Brown Shorts, Quaker, Gluten (WD), Boomhower, Gutshot, Keystone, Slug
  • AO -

-11 men broke free from the fartsack to take part in YHC’s VQ.  Cabin Fever almost succumbed to the fartsack but decided against it and came into the parking lot on two wheels after our warmup and halfway through the Indian run.  YHC learned a lot from his first Q.  Time management is key!  My workout was geared more toward a Saturday’s workout I suppose since I had to pull a few audibles and skip a few things to get the most out of my workout.  I’ll just have to put them in my bag for next time!  Here is what went down


SSH IC x 20

Imperial Walker IC x 20

Copperhead Squat IC x 20

The Thang:

Mosey to building corner and began Indian run around building to lower parking lot and up to the shelter

Here YHC had made up an exercise that wasn’t in the playbook.  This one I dubbed the 6-Pack. 1 pullup 5 Merkins, – 2 pullups 2 Merkins…up to 5 pullups 1 Merkin then back down in a similar fashion back to 1 pullup 5 Merkins.  (similar to 11’s but total is always 6).  Several Moans were noted during this one.

Next Mosey to the shelter to pick up blocks (coupons) for the block party.

-21 Guns (or 7’s) with a 5 second hold at each halfway point

-Skull Crushers x 15

-Couldn’t find a name for next exercise so I dubbed it the Squirrel (squat with a curl at the same time) IC x 15.  It got quiet on this one.

-Romanian Deadlifts IC x 15

-Bent over lat pulls IC x 20 (QIC checked his clock here and decided to audible and omit last planned block exercise)  Mosey to lower stairs in parking lot.

Time for Jacob’s Ladder 2:1 ratio (2 calf raises on curb at bottom of parking lot, run up parking lot 3 levels to Building and 1 burpee, back down to bottom for 4 calf raises then to top for 2 burpees.  Continue to 20 calf raises and 10 burpees).  I did these for Seal in honor of my first Post where he introduced me to Jacob (my version of payback) but Seal didn’t show.  Maybe next time.  Again, YHC checked his watch and had to stop routine short at 18 calf raises and 9 burpees (16 and 8 for some) to make sure I had time to get in my next treat.

For the finale I will give Meter Maid (Anderson) credit for the idea.  He told me he called this next exercise on Saturday and it was a smoker.  After hearing about the exercise I had to try it, not only to give the PAX a proper burn but to see if I could complete this routine.  I like a good challenge.  I decided to read the WORD to the PAX for some encouragement before announcing the upcoming exercise.  I read Romans 5:3 and emphasized the “Glory in your sufferings” part.  Then I Q’ed music to Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down.  Words do not describe the pain that ensued for all involved.  No mumble chatter was to be heard, only strange grunting and moaning sounds.  Doing this right after the Jacobs ladder was the game changer (as if the exercise by itself wasn’t hard enough).



-1-31-15 – 2nd Anniversary Convergence at Legacy (this coming Saturday).  No workout at Powder Keg this Saturday.  Meet at Marathon at 6:15 to carpool to Legacy.

-Drifter Race is capped, no more entries allowed

-NEEDED – Q’s for next 7 or 8 workouts are open.  Consider stepping up to Q (otherwise I will be forced to bring Sally back to Powder Keg again 🙂 )

-Feb. 28 Hartsville launch.  Gadget, Footloose and Blue Hawaii plan to go if anyone else wants to join

-Discussed giving back to our AO’s that we borrow from.  Talked about a cleanup/trash pickup for letting us use their site.  If anyone has any ideas bring them to the table.

-Discussed possibly doing periodic Saturday workouts at Walmart parking lot for more exposure.

Prayer Requests:

-Boomhowers friend Sandy had a stroke a week ago but seems to be doing great in recovery considering circumstances.  Continue to keep him and his family in your prayers and pray for healing.

-Harley Dill (fellow church member to Gluten) was sent to Hospital for observation after having trouble with his vision.  Harley is the camp superintendent at Camp McCall.  Keep him and his family in your prayers and pray for positive test results.

-Poodle’s father-in-law had surgery, he is in recovery.  Keep him in your prayers.


Closed out COT with a reading of the WORD.  circled up and read Colossians 3:5-17.  recommend you read if you were not in attendance.  Good challenge for each other.

YHC is thankful to have a great group of guys to workout with.  To quote the Freed to Lead book “Once he posts, he is done with the silent workout buddy.  Now he will have real men to push him, who will call him out when he starts to backslide and who keep up the mumble chatter in the back of the PAX”.

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