The post too worthy for a name from a Q not worthy of a post

  • Workout Date - 06/02/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hermie
  • The PAX - Montross, Rocky Top, Sanchez, Cataract, FNG (Kurt Blake) Billy Ho, Rusty, Can U hear me now, Semper, Flay, Snowden, T.......B........C, Ashley, Snip-it, Hermie
  • AO -

14 adventurous spirits rejected passivity, accepted responsibility, and decided to be better today than they were yesterday when they rolled out of the sack and moseyed over to the yard to get after it on a tuesday morning. Here’s what happened:

Warmup: SSH x 30

Mosey to the jungle gym, picking up a few bags of sandy goodness (#thankyoudexter) (#missedyoudexter) along the way.

The beatdown:
3 sets, no break (each set was half the reps of the previous set. Study the numbers and it should make sense, if not call Flay and he will gladly explain it to you. 864.320.4850)

Set 1:
100 airsquats
80 ‘merkins
60 (4 ct) russian twist
40 toe to sky with the sandbag
20 pullups

set 2:
50 airsquats
40 ‘merkins
30 (4 ct) russian twist
20 toe to sky with the sandbag
10 pullups

set 3:
25 airsquats
20 merkins
15 (4 ct) russian twist
10 toe to sky with the sandbag
5 pullups

mosey to the tennis courts, partner up

you run the length of 5 tennis courts, stopping between each court for 2 (between first and second courts),4 (between second and third courts),6 (etc) ,8 (etc), and 10 (after last court) ‘merkins while your partner flutters it out, then switch.

rinse and repeat

let’s do it again, but guy who stays home does LBC’s instead of flutter

rinse and repeat

Circle up for plank-o-rama. Everyone went 1 minute, after 60 seconds it was a pat yourself on the back bonus. Final three were Cataract, Rusty, and Semper. #sempercouldstillbeplanking


SKIN: Great effort from the PAX. I did a similar workout last week at Beastmode at the Y and finished first. My bubble burst this am when I was nowhere close to finishing first. The fellas got after it! Also great to have Snowden back to his original F3 stomping grounds.

Pray for Golden Sombrero and His family with the loss of his father. What a Patriot. Glad he’s home.

Pray for Semper’s mrs. Nursing final exam followed by a job interview TODAY.

Prayers for the bros at F3 Tankyard

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