The Pipe Bomb

  • Workout Date - 07/01/2014
  • Q In Charge - Dollywood
  • The PAX - Maverick, CHeddar Biscuit, Grilled Cheese On A Doughnut, Aloha, Saddle Sore, Grim Reaper, FNG Zax Snak (Brett Brading), Annie Oakley, Satisfried, Bubba Gump, Winslow, Hard Hat, Grit, 1040, Libor, Dollywood
  • AO -

Sixteen men gathered at the Lion’s Den, ready to own the day. YHC was on Q for just the second time so there was some question as to how things were going to go down (at least on my part). I think we did OK.

SSH x 25 IC
Squat Jacks x 20 IC
Merkins x 15 IC
Dips x 20 IC

The Thang
Mosey down the trail toward the dog park until the trail hits the sidewalk along Woodland Way

Lunge walk down the sidewalk and over the bridge until you hit the trail on the other side of the river. #looonglungewalk

Plank and hold for one minute.

Mosey down the trail to the pullup bars and break into groups of about 5.

The stationary indian run: In the indian run, the main group jogs while one man sprints. For the stationary indian run, the main group does squats while one man does five pullups. After 5 pullups, he rejoins the group and the next man hits 5 pullups. Continue to cycle through the group until all men have done 25 pullups. #lotsofsquats (If there is already a name for this setup, let me know.)

Mosey down the trail to the fence by the ‘bird sanctuary’ (not sure what it takes to be a bird sanctuary, but apparently not a lot).
15 derkins OYO

Mosey down the trail, just before the bridge go off road and up the big hill onto McDaniel, cross over the bridge, then take a right onto Ridgeland and pause to regroup.

Today’s Main Attraction: The Pipe Bomb
A Jacob’s ladder with burpees. Down the hill, over both pipes, and do burpees at the bottom due to space limitation at the top. Between the 12ft almost vertical hill and the 3-4ft high pipes, I don’t think I’m alone in saying this sucked big time.

Take a 10-count to make sure the Q doesn’t pass out.

Mosey down Cleveland Park Drive to the bridge
Dips x 25 IC (Was gonna stop sooner, but there were a bunch of runners coming past. Not gonna stop while someone’s watchin!)

Mosey down trail back toward base, jailbreak once you hit the climbing rope. #thatsalongwaytosprint #theQsgonnamerlot

LBC x 25 IC
Russian Twists x 25 IC
Elbow plank x 60sec
Flutter x 15 IC #Qissmoked



  • Special thanks to Grit and Winslow. They were the guinea pigs for this workout a couple weeks ago at my VQ and put up with a repeat performance today.
  • We covered a lot of ground today, probably more than a normal workout. If running isn’t your thing, just know that today’s workout isn’t necessarily par for the course.
  • If you are a Main Thang regular, consider alternating MainThang/Lion’s Den or at least visiting occasionally. (*YHC steps on his soapbox* Downtown has a definite cool-factor and you can’t beat it as an AO [IMHO], but the only way we avoid #problematic numbers is for some of the pax to suck it up and go somewhere else. Personally, the Main Thang was my first post and I was there twice a week until the Lions Den started up. Definitely feels like ‘home’ for me but it’s better for the pax and certainly helps the Q if we can keep things manageable. If the quality of the workouts starts to drop, we stop growing. Cleveland Park is going to add, at most, two minutes to your commute, so convenience can’t be the only reason not to post at the Lion’s Den once in a while. *steps down from soapbox*)
  • Great to have FNG Brett Brading out with Grim Reaper. The pax now know him as Zax Snak. Grit was pushing for Zax Sack, but YHC couldn’t do it. #i’mweak
  • Thanks to all the pax who came out. It was a pleasure to lead this group. YHC will be back.
  • Continue to pray for Erector, surgery tomorrow.
  • Prayers for Twerkin, EC, and Stewie who are backpacking this week.
  • 3rdF Workout tomorrow at 1145 at One Main Plaza. Check out the Twitter feed here for details.
  • There was rumor of a Murph on Friday at 0700 at Cleveland Park. Keep eyes peeled for an announcement.

Dollywood out.

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