The Perfect Conditions…..

  • Workout Date - 05/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Satisfry
  • The PAX - Rusty, Libor, Old Yeller, Updyke, Squeal, Montross, Bubba Gump, T......B.......C.........., FNG-Floater (DJ Doherty), THE Hard Hat, Bevis, Clapper, Wa-Wa, Sanchez
  • AO -

15 Rabbits (Including 1 FNG) got together at the #TANKYARD to do work before the majority of anyone in Greenville was awake. Thanks for letting an outsider come in and Q, I really enjoyed seeing some new and old faces… “It’s 5:30 Satisfry, lets do it” -Squeal. So, here’s what went down.

Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC
MC x 20 IC
HKJ x 20 OYO

Yardian Thang

Mosey to far Baseball Field. Head to left field fence and line up

“Chain Link Hurdles”
Jump fence
Jump Fence

Say what?

This is the area between the two baseball fields.

Repeat to 4 count for every burpee

Mosey to BBall Courts

Line up on sideline

Bear Crawl up, Crawl Bear back(backwards bear crawl), then do 1 jump squat. Rinse and repeat to 4 jump squats

Mosey to Gower Pool Parking lot

Dips x 15 IC
Hop ups x 20 OYO
Dips x 15 IC
Hop ups x 20 OYO

Partner Up
P1 runs up steep driveway and around to other entrance to pool

P2: flutters until P1 returns

Flap Jack (3 rounds each)

Circle up for Merkins – 10 IC

Mosey back to BBall courts

Line up. Lunge Walk across one court, then 1 merkin, lunge walk back. Rinse and repeat to 4 Merkins

Russian twists x 20 IC
Dying cockroaches x 20 IC
LBC x 20 IC

I truly enjoyed leading this group of guys and thanks for putting up with a usual main thanger. T-Claps to everyone, and especially t-claps to FNG Floater (DJ).


Jack something…

Prayer Requests:

Amtrak and all those that go unspoken

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