The Oort

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  • Workout Date - 07/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Data, Uncle Remus, and YHC
  • AO -

“Give the people what they want”. A somewhat famous quote with various theories of origin. But still the great design behind this Sunday’s workout. Uncle Remus had tweeted earlier on Saturday that he wanted another go at the Liberty bridge/burpee run. Aye brother.

Not so gloomy observations: Data and YHC wore the EXACT same outfit. Shortsleeve black Jackalope shirt with black shorts. #Twins #Awkward. Uncle Remus almost smartsacked after complaints of swimmer’s ear. But manned up and posted anyway. I salute you. But next time you gotta dress like the rest of the gang. #oddmanout

Warm up:

10 count in cadence of windmills, mountain climbers, and side straddle hops. Let’s go.

The thang:

The course has been run no less than 5 times at NightOps. The object is to run to the Liberty bridge and back (3.2 miles) while stopping at every bridge crossing and delivering 10 burpees. That’s 5 bridges hit 2 times each for 100 burpees. All in under 40 minutes. Mission accomplished in 38 minutes. Great work, gentleman. There were a few dizzy/queasy moments mixed in there for the PAX. Alas, no merlot. We shall push harder next time.

Had few minutes to spare for some 11’s. Dips and Derkins. 30 seconds left.

.5 MOM:

Heels to heavens x20 IC


RWB workout noon at Linky Stone park on Wednesday.

Matinee to be led by Pacer at noon Monday. Smoker promised.

Prayers were spoken

It was at this time that Remus points out that we missed a set of burpees after the second crossing of Liberty Bridge. Aye, he’s right. We now have to add that to our time and try to beat it with the full 100.

Finally, Uncle Remus has suggested naming this challenge run the “Oort” (A reference to the ‘Oort, Oort’ sound off at mention of my F3 name at the end of each workout). Agreed. The Oort it shall be. Think you can do it?


Seal out

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