The only way to get over the flu is F3

  • Workout Date - 03/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Stewie (WD), 1040 (WB), Latke, Zoila (YHC)
  • AO -


YHC has been laid up with the flu for about 3 weeks, and boy has the gloom missed me.  Latke and Stewie (and others) have done a great job keeping #AcesWild up and running without me (to the surprise of no one).  Nonetheless, I’m so glad to be back out there.  #FeelsGood

The Conditions: Representative of late winter.  41 degrees Fahrenheit, kinda windy.

The Thang:  As my lungs are still pathetic (not to mention my legs), this was just a tick faster than a mosey.

North on Winyah, right on Faris, left on Augusta, right on McDaniel (down the hill), right on McIver, right on Cleveland.  Left onto the SRT connector at the YMCA.  Spend a minute discussing the sinful condition of our hearts vis a vis the ladies doing yoga at the Y.  Continue down the trail, take a right onto the SRT.  Behind First Baptist, cut across the baseball field and up the hill.

11’s on the big scary staircaise at the back of the First Baptist gym.  Merkins/LBCs.

Get about halfway through when Stewie reminds me that its 10 til COT.

Take Faris almost all the way back, left on Augusta Dr, right on Tomassee, left into the parking lot for COT/BOM.


Ye Olde Moleskine:


3.9 miles.

Every time we hit the SRT, we’re late getting back.  My bad.

Next monday, we are going to try COT at the Starbucks on Augusta.  Ample parking, lots of exposure.  Might be a good way to grow the pax.

1040 watches the Bachelor and shared with us some CRAZY news from the other night.

There is a good base of pax that have been semi-regular at Aces Wild.  If they all posted at once and every time, we’d easily have 20 pax.  Let’s re-EH the pax that have been semi-regular.  If you’re reading this, and it’s you, stop being a bum and come back.

Prayers for the community in the wake of Lindsay Motley’s death.

Announcements: Mud Run is April 30.  P200 is soon.  Double Windsor is getting a BRR team together.  Kiawah Marathon is now an F3 CSAUP.

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