The More Difficult Thing

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  • Workout Date - 03/12/2020
  • Q In Charge - Caviar
  • The PAX - Ice Man, Rainbow Dash, Junk Bond, Smokey Banjo, Chaps, Punch Bug, and several others I can't recall.
  • AO - The 'Burbs

Jesus chose (and chooses) the more difficult thing. He stood for something and was willing to take on the most difficult thing to get there. Physical training prepares the mind and soul, so we chose the more difficult thing in this workout to prepare ourselves for the more difficult things we need to address in our lives.


Warm Up



Fast Lap around Peace Center

3 Rounds:

Derkins x 10

Body Builders x 5


Mosey to Grace Church


3 Rounds:

Joe Hendrix from the curb

Run to top of Poinsett Garage, stopping for 10 Body Builders at each level.


Mosey back to HQ



Straight Legged Freddie Mercury’s

Dead Bugs


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