The Mark of "The Beast"(side)

  • Workout Date - 06/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Bartman, Sherpa, Erector, Alfred, Golden Sombrero, San Diego, Longbottom
  • AO -

After much mumblechatter the pax have spoken and we have an AO name change, Beastside (The Beast).  Remember ‘ask and you shall receive’ and YHC planned on bringing the mark of the beast to this workout.  I believe several who showed said they would have stayed in the fartsack if they had known what was waiting for them.  Here is how it went down!


1 mile mosey -pax mosey was reasonably aggressive, if they only knew!

The Beast

2:1:30 @ repetition pace.  (2min. r-pace; 1 min mosey; 1 min r-pace, 30 sec mosey; 30 sec r-pace; 30 sec mosey)

We did this workout at RoF several months back and YHC remembers the tough 4 intervals and then Mega suggesting a 5th to complete the 5.5 mile beat down.  One to remember!

6 x 2:1:30 intervals

6+ miles (for all, YHC put in 6.7) See Workout

6 burpees (had planned on super burpees to 6 but I want the pax to come back)

1 mile cool down- Pax pushed the pace on the final mile.  YHC now knows there is always gas left in the tank (ERECTOR!)

I think we we have a re-occurring theme for this workout, the number 6!  Last week was putting down six and this week 666!  Pax now know what to expect.  T-claps go out to Sherpa (first week of F3), Golden Sombrero, and San Diego this was their first time posting at either RoF or BeastSide. This was a tough one to start on.  Always remember, it will not get easier but you will get faster and stronger!

Announcments:  Launch of the lion’s den tomorrow @ Cleveland park.

Alfreds VQ tomorrow at the Burbs (he has a plan and you will not like it!)

Longbottom will be out the next two Wednesday’s and we will need a Q @ “The Beast(-side).  Slim may pay this AO a visit and unleash his beat down on the eastside pax.


Erector and his family- surgery tomorrow morning @ 9:30.  I suggest we break out the head bands until our brother recovers and is back posting!

Bartman’s wife battling sickness (Bartman to have more understanding and compassion)

Longbottoms grandfather having heart issues and a broken elbow.

Always a pleasure Gentlemen.  See you in the gloom!

Longbottom out!

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