The Jelly Maker

  • Workout Date - 07/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hulk Smash
  • The PAX - Nature Boy, his son The Butcher (age 10 He got a Double HATE!), Elmer, Johnny 5, ATM, M.O., One Direction, The Situation, Butter Bean, Cool Breeze, 3rd Base, Whisper, Affordable Care Act (Editor), Hooch, Sticky (his 1st Boot camp at 50 “RESPECT!”), Sparky, Hulk Smash (YHC)
  • AO -

Thanks to the 17 PAX that showed up, many of which wore Green Shirts in Honor of the Hulk’s VQ!

“The Jelly Maker”  all legs, no need to have brought our arms today! (1) 

After a fast & dysfunctional opening Warm Up we started with “Bring Sally Up” passing two 15lb Sacks around the circle (one was purple with flowers & one was vintage Vietnam). (2)

The Thang

Mosey back to the track to the music of “Eye of the Tiger”.

Walking Lunges w/ an Indian Run.  Still hard for this group to stay together; lots of ambition to run out ahead!  To the music of Mandisa; “Overcomer”

Lined up on the track facing each other in a Squat while one end of the line started a rotation of Bear Crawls under our out-stretched arms.  To the music of Mandisa “Press On”

This one was new and could be modified to be more effective. (3)

Mosey to the Gas Chamber (named by Bambi) to the music of the Theme Song from The Magnificent Seven (where 7 men went up against 25 bad guys).

Wall Sitting Dora with LBC & Sprints to the opposite wall & back.  This was 4 min of pain to the music of The Soggy Bottom Boys “Man of Constant Sorrows”.  We were reminded of who our real Man of Sorrows is and this simple work out is nothing compared to what he suffered on our behalf!

Mosey around the school to the music of “Sandstorm”.  A tribute to my Gamecock workout Fellers.  It was hard for some our Tiger PAX to hang in there to this music. (4)

Our Mary was a short set of Dan Taylors & another round with Bringing up Sally to close it out.


Lifting up all prayers heard and unheard.


Thanks to Whisper for helping select some of the music! (5)

I enjoyed my VQ and learned it’s not as easy as it looks to Count, Lead & think ahead of the next exercise!  I wish I could have made it tougher for us!

Not all exercises went as I expected & probably should be modified or never tried again.  I also learned that music doesn’t really work for all aspects of a Boot camp.  Always Teachable! (6)

Thanks for the input help from our Veteran PAX!

I look forward to my next Q!


Editor’s Notes:

(1)  I did feel the need to choke Hulk a couple times, so that’s not technically true.
(2)  Hulk did his homework.  He obviously found the exercise list and also leads the league in props.
(3)  Add a disco ball and Don Cornelius, and you’re there.
(4)  This did help the heart rate a bit.  36 days.  Go Cocks.
(5)  I always pegged Whisper as a Metal guy…. huh.
(6)  For anyone who hasn’t read “Freed To Lead”, I recommend it.  Dredd tried and was awful leading PT when he started out (albeit in the Armed Forces).  Keep Qing and it will get easier and you will get better at it.  And when you get better at it, we all get stronger.

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