The Jackalope III (or the Jackalope 3.0 or the Three-a-lope)

  • Workout Date - 06/03/2017
  • Q In Charge - One Direction, Carls Jr, Benign, Latke, Soccer Mom, Zoila (YHC)
  • The PAX - One Direction, Carls Jr, Benign, Latke, Soccer Mom, Zoila, Stewie, Mint Julep, Fred, The Tickler, Brown Shorts, Whisper, Erector, ACA, Church Lady, Training Wheels, Wilson, +3 that I can't remember, plus the 3 ruckers: Padre, Iceman, Johnny 5
  • AO -

The Jackalope is F3 Swamp Rabbit’s annual #CSAUP.  It’s reflective of our region.  It’s haphazard, it’s young, it’s too cool, it’s heavily populated by suburbanites…  My big theory on F3 Swamp Rabbit is that because our average age is closer to 35, our numbers fluctuate at much higher rates than Columbia and Charlotte have (average age: 45-50?).  It’s hard to not look at our numbers and not be disappointed, but its not always about growth…so long as a core group of F3 men in the Greenville area are providing each other with challenges in the 3F’s, its working, and the Jackalope III was a reminder of how much fun F3 can be.

The Conditions: Perfect.  Gloomy and humid, and rapidly warming up…

The Thang: We met at 0600 and did the necessities: disclaimer, ground rules, logistics, name-o-rama, count-a-rama, BOM led by 1D.  Oh wait, we actually started at like 0601 b/c Church Lady.  Oh cool, some rucktards showed up.  They’ll have a good time.

1stStop (Spaulding Farm/Churchill): Our first Q was 1D, we executed the Ray Ray Lewis (52 burpees) in relative silence so as not to disturb the neighbors.  Padre actually ran the entire way from start to 1stStop.

2ndStop (Asheton Clubhouse): Carl’s Jr Q’d.  It was hard.  Burpees and Merkins and something called a Burp-Merk or a Merk-pee or something.  The PowderKeggers saw an airplane again and were astounded by it.

Next section of the run was uneventful.  There was absolutely no nudity.  Also, we got out onto our longest stretch of Woodruff Road.  It started getting hotter.   Okay, we have 20 pax here…where are the ruckers?  (Who cares? was the response).

3rdStop (#CourseCorrected): Benign was the Q.  I basically just rolled around on the asphalt and waved my arms and legs around.  Just as we finish, here are the ruckers.

4thStop (#JavaBolt): YHC had the Q.  First note, T-Claps to Benign for providing water at this stop.  Second note, this is where ACA posted for the first time #memories.

Line-up, bear crawl across the parking lot, Jameis Winston back.  Partner carry there and back.  Repeato.  Fred tackled Training Wheels.  Appears as if Training Wheels was aptly named.  Partner derkins x10, then x5.  Airhumpers x25.  I think that’s it, don’t really remember.  I blacked out during the partner derkins.  Just finishing up, here are the ruckers.

Now en route to Mauldin High School, home of the Mavericks, Iceman, AP, and Kevin Garnett (kinda).  A flying EH was attempted: There was no response because #headphones, obviously.  I’m guessing he was listening to a podcast on how to make friends in a digital world.

5thStop (Mauldin High): Latke was the Q.  Pusharama.  Suicides on the parking lot lines.  Airhumpers.  Mary.  Jokes made about how many airhumpers Iceman used to do in this very same parking lot.  This time, the ruckers got there in time for the airhumpers.

Continue moseying, back up the way we came. Last segment, finish strong.  Fred and The Tickler continue to set the pace for everyone. Finally get to our finish point: #GoldenStrip.

LastStop (#GoldenStrip): NO SLIP AND SLIDE.  BUT, Soccer Mom was Q.  We did a bunch of Mary on the parking lot.  Really did a lot of Mary the whole course.  Superman, six inches, stuff like that.  Man in spandex on a bike approaches…”Are you guys out here during the week?”  Someone explains to him that we are, and its 0530 on Tues/Thurs.  “See you on Tuesday”.  Pretty amazing FNG-initiated EH!  Just keep showing up and eventually ppl will notice.

Count-a-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, prayer requests.  Like I said in the COT, if you can continue to just be kind and generally thoughtful, you will stick out, as those values are extremely counter-cultural these days.  Most people in our culture today thrive on looking out for #1.  Sometimes all it takes to make an impact is to put others before ourselves.  Just before BOM, here come the ruckers…

Ye Olde Moleskine:

Nothing YHC could type could really do justice to this experience.  It was a convergence mixed with a long slow jog mixed with 3 hours of #2ndF.  New friends were made, old loves were rekindled.

T-Claps go to all site Q’s: Latke, Soccer Mom, Benign, Carls Jr. and 1D, to Alfred for helping with sign-ups, to our Nantan Iceman, to the rucktards for joining us, to all pax for being there.

Special shout-out to Church Lady, this is the farthest that he has ever run in his life.  Nice work CL!

T-Claps to Dredd and OBT for founding this #Thang and to Gnarly Goat and Uncle for all the tips on a #CSAUP.

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